Sunday, November 1, 2009

Live Within Your Means...

On Roger Ebert's twitter he posted up a rather amusing pun on National Treasure star with the heading Nic Cage broke, owes National Treasury. So how does a man who seems to do 10 films a year and demands as much if not more money than your average film celebrity go broke? Hell if I know, but he's managed to do so. Reportedly owing $6.3million in back taxes it seems good ol' Nic Cage may face up to $20million in losses as the federal government will be seeking to get their money from Cage any way they can. Most notably they will go for the liquidation if Cage can't come up with the money... and well let's be honest this isn't an isolated occurrence in Hollywood.

How many times do you turn on the TV to see a professional basketball player, musician, or actor making $5million this year spending $5+ million. Who advises these people? They always operate under some blind belief that next year they'll make the same amount or more and it'll all work out. What's wrong with these people. Why not try to make $5million, only spend $1million then you've got enough left over to live for 4 years without work!!! What? Was that an idea that doesn't involve $1500 hookers at 15 a piece? Yes that was! OMG!!! These people annoy me to no end, they hire advisers who can't advise, they spend money like they're god, and all the while nobody cares enough about them to keep them around. It's one thing to do this at 19,20,21, it's something else entirely to do it at 30,40,50... you should know better, and if you don't, you never deserved the money to begin with.

*rant over*

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