Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grrr Busy Day.

Update: I'm going to try and get a couple of reviews up tonight (maybe), I do need to carry on with my top 100 I haven't visited that one in a while. Just trying to get a lot of homework out of the way early on, no clue if it'll work out well, but I'll keep you all updated!

3 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

oh, please do, we can't loose another student soul in the wicked fangs of cinemania :)

MovieNut14 said...

Welcome to my world. That's what I get for being sick for almost an entire freakin' week. And believe me, it sucks.

filmgeek said...

It sucks when life gets in the way doesn't it. My family laugh at me when I moan that I don't have enough time to blog but I love the little community that I've managed to build up over the last few months.

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