Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Ugly Truth (2009)


Career oriented TV producer Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is forced to step out of her shell when the higher ups hire the vulgar, and romantically cynical, Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) to do a brief skit during her morning news program.

There's uninspired, uncreative, and pathetic, and then there's The Ugly Truth. A film so cliche it could annoy even the most interested viewer. Riddled with a few good jokes (hence the 3), the movie inspires frustration as you struggle with an overbearing sense of deja vu. The key character, Mike, played par for the course by Butler, is about the only reason to watch the movie, but even he can't hold on. The problem being? He's the exact same as the love interest in every modern romantic comedy. The cynical male, with a secret heart of gold, who struggles with a dark past, and in a brief moment lets go for the one women he truly wants (no, not the hot girl in the corner, the star of the film you idiot).

Yes, there's milking a character for all its worth and then there's Katherine Heigl.... who once again plays the strong career minded women seeking the perfect male, who ends up falling in love with someone she never saw coming! Can you believe it? (ummm duh?) Quite you voice inside my head we're trying to be cliche. You know the story, first she can't stand him then nothing changes and she begins to fall for him then nothing changes and but oh no! there's kind of/sort of someone else she really wants, who turns out not to be what she really wants, and instead she really wants the guy who is nothing like she wants!!!!! *women insert your Awwwwww here*. Ugh, I don't mean to be rude (yes I do) QUIET! hehe moving on!... truthfully don't we all deserve a romance film that is... well romantic?

No, when I say romantic I don't mean moonlight beach walks, perfect abs, air brushed features, and dialogue straight from "How to appear romantic in 5 easy steps." I get that the people who go watch these movies are looking for a good time, two people overcoming odds, but don't they deserve some creativity? Or perhaps that's not what they're looking for? I really do find that troubling to believe that but $100million box office would tell me I'm wrong. Perhaps in the end people who go see this movie do want that sense of security in story, that sense of knowing it's going to end well (just compare this films box office to (500) Days of Summer)... and if that's the case, man I must admit I find it depressing. But who am I to judge, sometimes it's not bad to give people what they want.

Cliche, generic, and predictable romantic comedy, made solely for those who really like it that way.

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