Monday, October 26, 2009

The Monday Corner 10/26/2009

Miss me? Did you cry at night waiting for your monday corner to return? No? YOU DID WHAT!? Another blog? I don't understand, I thought we had something special *cries*. GO! Just go... I don't need you anymore! Wait! Where are you going? Come back! COME BACK!!!!!! Oh look a cookie. Here we go!

For your Consideration:
yada yada yada great posts this week, you've been waiting for this section, blah blah blah.

Bada Bing Movie Reviews looks at the controversial Lars Von Trier film Antichrist!

Dain's Movie Reviews takes a look at the documentary "A Passion For Giving," sounds like something I should check out!

Big Mike's Movie Blog takes a look at the Damned United, being sure to note Michael Sheen's pimpness along the way.

LAMBCast #3 is up and available, great stuff you should listen in!

Ciaran's Broadcast Blogspot takes a look at the highly anticipated Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Have you been taking part in Common Sense Movie Reviews' Name that Movie Poster contest? You should, it's lots of fun!

Encore Entertainment tackles the leading men of 2008, who are your favorites?

Final Cut contemplates the death of the film star, is it truly dead or just not as evident?

MovieGhoul throws out some of the greater "Thrills and Chills" films of recent time while getting ready for Halloween.

ThisTimeitWillBeDifferent takes a look at one of the films you should catch on DVD if at all possible, The Escapist.

Black Sheep Reviews looks at the 2009 independent film, An Education.

Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind heads into October Horror #7 looking at The Italian Horror films.

Thus concludes this week's awesome linkage... if you would like to sponsor this section please send $50,000 in monopoly money asap.

Poll Update:
Some great voting! Was really happy to see people get excited about some of my polls and whip out the voting stick. It was quite obvious a two film horse, and to those of you who have seen 0 of the listed films, all I can say is Epic Fail.

Poll Results:
1) Some Like it Hot (8 votes)
2) The Apartment (4 votes)
3) I'm a horrible person and have seen none of these (3 votes)
4) tie: everything else (0 votes) - *sad*

New Poll: In honor of Halloween I want to know, what is your favorite George A. Romero Zombie film!?

Random Stuff
- Thanks to everyone who took part in my Great Movie's Nobody Saw Post. Remember you get 2 films, some of you have only recommended one so you got one in the bank if you want it, and there's no time limit though I'm going to try and get about 2 done a week for the next few.

- This week Daniel Craig revealed that Bond 23 will begin shooting next fall... MGM responded by saying "OMG he said what?" Out of curiosity why is it such a big deal to them that he released the start date for filming? Who cares?

- Following the success of American Pie 1 and 2 Shannon Elizabeth tried to recreate that fame to no avail. A few years later she swore off playing nothing more than the object of affection in teen films... we've been told she's still acting but nobody's seen any proof of it.

- Well it's Halloween week, and I've yet to get into the Halloween mood, I used to love the season, now I have a general disinterest. I'll probably watch a couple of Halloween kind of films this week to get into the mood, but don't expect much.

- Is there anything as sad as the recent DirecTV commercial with David Spade exploiting Tommy Boy, which starred the late Chris Farley, for a laugh and marketing?

- Perhaps I'm overly skeptical, but I never trust a TV commercial that feels the need to tell me the people in it are smart. If they were really so smart they wouldn't be in such a crappy commercial... :)

Well that concludes this week's Monday Corner! Hope you all enjoyed it, if not... well boo at you!! :) Cya next week.

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