Monday, October 12, 2009

The Monday Corner 10/12/2009

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WELCOME TO YOUR MONDAY CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my head that's met with smathering applause... in reality I think people will just scroll down past it.

Life in Equinox Update:
Well since today, monday, is fall break I figure I'll probably be trying to cram in quite a bit of movie watching (especially tomorrow) so that I can live up to all the reviews I've been promising but haven't had the time to get to (or opted for a different film instead). Oh, and I will be watching Zombieland later this afternoon, expect a review up tonight/tomorrow! Keep an eye out for those reviews if you got the time!

For your Consideration:
I would say thank you for all your great posts this week, especially during my exam season, but I'm afraid if I do that you'll get too cocky. Instead, I'll just say What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance? (+2 points if you can name the film reference off the top of your head). Anyways here you go you sexy link lovers you!

- The Belanger brothers over at Black Sheep duke it out over whether or not the Coen brothers are film geniuses, or overrated hogwash.

- Common Sense Movie Reviews whips out a high score for the return of Sean Connery as Bond in Diamonds are Forever.

- Andrew at Encore's Entertainment counts down his all time favorite best actress nominees, do you agree?

- Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind cranks out Octobor Horror 2009 #3, you scared yet?

- The Film Experience takes a look at Maggie Smith, who may well be making her last films at this very moment.

- Who doesn't love movies with zombies and nazis, is it even better when they're combined? The FilmFather takes a gander, and puts in his two cents.

- Who do you think is Hollywood's best celebrity couple? John Krasinski and Emily Blunt won round one, and now the Hollywood Spy is up for Round two so get your vote in asap (it ends tomorrow)!

- The Dark of the Matinee has a beef with those who voice their opinions on films they haven't seen, and is willing to let them have it!

- Nitflicky wants to know, can you come up with a cast for a My Fair Lady remake? My vote is in, what about yours?

- The LambCast #2 is up and available, why are you not listening in yet?

- Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile takes a look at one of my all time favorite romantic comedies, The Apartment.

- Reaching for the Moon takes a look at their all time favorite film characters. Who are yours?

- The House Next Door has about a million great Pixar articles from all week long. Some of these are tearjerkers, some are creative criticisms, and others smattering applause, each a great read.

- The King Bulletin takes a look at the year's biggest surprise, the very popular Paranormal Activity.

- Chase over at The Ludovico Technique takes a look at the Coen Brother's latest film, A Serious Man.

- The Movie Loon sets phasers to kill for this attack on the 2002 floptastic film, The Time Machine.

That's all she wrote for this weeks blog linking, if one of your personal favorites isn't here send me an email and I'll guarantee its inclusion in next week's!

Poll Update:
It seems to me that my poll votes are slowly declining. At the current pace I'm seeing about 2 votes per poll within the next month... maybe I should try and do something about that?

Poll Results: Let the Right One Remake Will...
1) Be Mediocre (6 votes)
2) Be Avoided at all Costs (2 votes)
3) Be Awful (1 vote)
4) Be Amazing (0 votes)

This weeks poll: The My Fair Lady article over at Nitflicky got me thinking: What is your favorite Audrey Hepburn oscar nominated film!? Get those votes in, the more I see the more I love you!

Random Stuff
- According to Blogger, since I joined in August of 2009 my profile has received "approximately" 810 views... WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? I mean, I may account for 50 of the views (I'm compulsive), but wow... somehow I think it's people who mistaken Univarn for Unicorn and are trying to see if I'm magical... short answer: you betcha *wink*

- I've often wondered if I should go on and get a PHD in computer science (I'll be getting my bachelor's in the spring). The thing is I don't really want my PHD, instead I just want to have the title Doctor. Why? Well, because I anxiously await the day when I'm at a resaurant, a man near me begins to choke and a loved one, in fear, cries out for a doctor. So at that very moment I can stand up, scream "yes, I'm a doctor" run over as quickly as I can and go "Oh... not that kind of doctor, sorry!" And return to my seat and finish my meal (yes I've thought this through way too much).

- Is there anything more sad these days than the E! channel? I remember as a teenager waking up and watching all day marathons of True Hollywood Stories for Clint Eastwood, Natalie Wood, The Little Rascals... these days we're lucky if they even look at someone not made of silicon.

- Have you gotten your two cents in on my Top 10 Reasons Twilight Sucked article? Go go go!

- Sometimes I wish I had a panda bear army. Could you imagine the awesomeness of a collective of Panda Bears charging? Cute, but oh so deadly! (By the way I've been wanting this for years, well before Kung Fu Panda).

- I wonder how many plastic surgeries someone can get before they become to de-evolve? I had to go to the dermatologist today and I swear there were so many faces wrapped around heads there it'd make your mind spin!

Thus concludes this weeks MONDAY CORNER.... Corner.... corner (dramatic enough?). Stay tuned next week, same bat time, same bat channel!

3 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

Don't say that about Maggie Smith :((

And don't get carried away with tittles. I'm still not sure whether it's nice or not when somebody addresses me as "professor" in the street and everybody turns around expecting to see someone older. It can be awkward sometimes (although it's good for the ego :))

I'd like a raccoon army ;)

Univarn said...

@Dez I mean she's hinted on several occasions she may retire following the final 2 Harry Potter films.

As for the title, it's only for that one case, beyond that I'd never use it. You're a professor?

Raccoons may be violent enough but are the cute enough to catch everyone off guard?

DEZMOND said...

Yep, Professor Higgins at your service :)

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