Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Group Question: More frustrating?

So following the popularity of yesterdays moral question I figured I'd stick with it a while, see how it holds up popularity wise... I'll try to keep them movie based, but no guarantees. Anyways here is today's question:

Which group of people are more frustrating?

A) Film/Art/Literature supremacists? You know, the people who believe that anyone who likes something other than they like are lesser than them.


B) People who respond with "well that's your opinion" to an opposing answer for a question that is entirely devoid of opinion.

My answer: both.
I know I know! Make up your mind argh. Well to be honest the first group of people are insanely annoying because they try to calculate something that is, at its very core, grounded in an incalculable number of variables that come into personal taste. The second, especially living in the US and in the South (which I do), is possibly the most frustrating people to deal with, because they take scientific and mathematical fact and try to substitute them for taste and personal opinion.

What do you think? Which gets under your skin more? Or do you even care? Answer away!

2 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Ummmm...but they arelesser than me...

Definitely group B. That's your opinion...Who told them rhetoric was cool...for them? Of course it's my opinion. I just effin said it. You got a problem?

The Mad Hatter said...

I'll take a "Your Opinion" over an elitest any day.

I've been accused of being an apologist when trying to explain why something is better than someone thinks, but I can't stand people who berail movies/music/books etc that are beneath them.

For a lot of these people, it seems as though if they aren';t knocked on their ass right away, the movie "wasn't that good".

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