Saturday, September 5, 2009

Support Your Fellow Movie Bloggers

Well I know when it comes to followers I got few, but I love every one of them for each second they take to read what I put up. A second is a precious thing, and for us movie lovers we know seconds matter most, because what films put within those briefest of seconds can be far more memorable than the entirety of a film. Enough of me trying to be poetic though, that's not why I'm putting this up.

For those of us who have come over from years blogging at Rotten Tomatoes, we're still trying to get a grip on the blogging scene. So I figured I'd do what I can to help those loyal few readers I've maintained over the years. For those that don't know, heck I just became aware of it tonight, there's a network known as the Large Association of Movie Bloggers (LAMB) that does a wide variety of movie blog related events, support, etc. Now they require a 3 month active period prior to joining, and since I'm assuming they won't carry over my 5+ years at RT, I hit them up for the follow button and I believe using them to help connect with the vast movie blogging world will be good while I still get myself situation over here.

How did I find out about this? Well recently I stumbled across a blog THE DARK OF THE MATINEE, heck of a good read I must say, via another blog I stumbled upon The Movie Moxie, equally enjoyable. And well on LAMB they do sort of blog discussion events, in which a certain blog is selected for a period of time, over which members of that community criticize, offer suggestions, and compliment other blogs in order to help make each other better. TDM is currently up for that, and I think it would do everyone who follows my blog a lot of good, regardless of their personal opinions on films, to read up and see how the greater community is doing.

If you're looking for other movie blogs to follow you can always check out my profile to see who I'm following, then see who they follow and continue on your treck through the magical world of film blogging!

Just remember to support your fellow movie lovers!

Till then.

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The Mad Hatter said..., wow! Thanks for this. Awful nice of you to highlight the blog of someone you just started reading.

certainly inspires me to try and keep the good work coming knowing that people who don't even know me are enjoying reading what I have to say.


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