Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sicko (2007)


Michael Moore takes a harsh look at the flaws in the current American health care system, and the alternatives in the rest of the world.

Now I know Healthcare is the hot button debate topic these days, with massive ignorance on both sides of the argument failing to recognize the real issues in favor of loud screaming. That's all I'm going to say politically, if you want to know my viewpoints ask, beyond that this is a journal about film and so I'll stop my rambling now and onto film!

One of the things I admire about Michael Moore as a documentary film maker, is his ability to keep it entertaining, and light hearted even when dealing with subject matter that is often very shocking to those who have never heard it before. Lots of documentary makers go for the dark depressing nawing feel, but he's more concerned with a level of entertainment that makes you actually want to watch the entire thing.

Now, Moore's 2007 film Sicko was heavily overlooked by the public upon its release, and would probably be ran away from in terror in today's audience, but I think it does some good. It makes great points, shows real life examples of flaws in the system, and analyzes how these affect the people long term and emotionally. That's what documentaries are supposed to do, show you a side to something that you would not see in your normal day to day life without such exposure.

The problem with Moore's approach is that it's overly alienating, unless you, on some level, already agree with him, you'll find it biased, failing to truly show both sides of the argument. I find the ability to show both sides of the argument is a true gift to the audience, as they're then allowed to make up their own mind. Yet Moore decides it best to show the heavy left side of the argument, now this doesn't make many of his points any less true, to the surprise of many they actually are.

Granted as a documentary Sicko isn't nearly as bad as you might imagine. Moore doesn't skew the facts he presents, they're facts... you can't really argue with that. Moore's call to change is also back with an underlying truth I feel we can all agree on, the betterment of all is more important than any one individual. There's something to that, something that Moore seeks out, and shows in a way that'll both entertain, and quasi-enlighten those who watch it, and for that I think it's recommendable.

Sicko is by no means the definitive documentary on the current healthcare issue, but it presents some solid facts, and good information if you cycle through some of the ranting.

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Not an American...but I am a big fan of Hillary Clinton. I always marvelled at the stupidity of the senate/Congress or whoever those politicians were that essentially blackballed her when she had her Health Care ideas.

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