Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scream 4: Scream Again... and Again... and Again!

As details come in children are running in the streets, models are all across the nations running towards auditions to be play Dead Girl #7, and Halloween outfitters are stocking up as Wes Craven and Neve Campbell team up for the upcoming Scream 4!

I loved the first Scream, over the top intense and a good satire of the genre. Scream 2 was a solid follow up but offered nothing new. Scream 3 was ummm laughable even in its most shining moments as the devour their first two films plots in order to make something new. Alas, Hollywood, also known as: The Land of No Ideas and Repetition, has decided to team up with Craven once again to try and continue the serial killer franchise.

My question: What's the plot going to be? Each sequel in the series was interconnected with the original, and therefore they're either going to have to go out on their own, or come up with something new... So I had a few ideas, let me run them by you all:

Idea 1: Scream vs. Godzilla! You know you want it! You know you'd love it!

Idea 2: Billy Loomis returns from the grave, and haunts Sidney once again in the scream costume. Meanwhile Dewey, Gale, and several others lock themselves up in a mall to avoid the impending scream zombie invasion.

Idea 3: Sidney, Dewey, and Gale flee to Bolivia after having performed a complicated bank robbery, at the same time they must elude the evil Sheriff Scream (noticeable for his white hat).

You got an idea for the upcoming Scream 4? Share it!

4 better thoughts:

Zach said...

Say it ain't so....

Univarn said...

Sadly so, variety just reported it that Neve was on board and it's almost all but confirmed Craven is back in.

James said...

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Scream 4 Movie said...

This movie sounds to be good one. I watched some trailers for "Scream 4" and was completely impressed. On the other, I also love watching horror films that's why it is fascinating me.

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