Sunday, September 27, 2009

Man I miss George Carlin

It's been over a year since the passing of George Carlin, from time to time I love to revisit some of better routines, especially his HBO specials, they kill me every time. Today I was reminded via a tweet from StatsMikeMike, who works for ESPN about one of the best. On Airlines, horrible announcements, and butchery of the english language... this is among my favorite (right up there with his sports routine). Here you go for your viewing pleasure:

And Part two:

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George Carlin said...

George Carlin, arguably, is the greatest and -- after Lenny Bruce -- most influential stand-up comedian of all time. Born and raised by his mother in various places in The United States. They moved frequently in order to avoid his father, who in Carlin's words, was a stalker and alcoholic.

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