Monday, September 7, 2009

The Monday Corner (9/7/2009)

The weekends over, the week has just begun, and we're all already checking our calendars for Friday. To create a bit more personal aspect to this blog, I'm going to start doing some Monday conversation articles on my site. It's my desire that these "Monday Corners" will discuss upcoming movie reviews by me, recent blog articles I read I think it would benefit others to read, and really just anything that happens to come to my mind throughout a given week. So sit back, grab your yelling gear, and get ready for some Monday Corner!

Life in Equinox Update

I'll admit I've been a bit behind on my reviews in terms of what I've had lying around. I'll definitely be continuing with my top 100 films breakdown tomorrow so stick around for that.

As of right now I have the following films sitting by not being watched/reviewed:
Kurosawa's Dreams
All Quiet on the Western Front
Johnny Got his Gun
Dersu Uzala
Snow Angels
Synecdoche, New York
The Last King of Scotland
The Quiet Man
Guys and Dolls
Anastasia (1956)

If you really think I need to review one, as in now, just yell it out in comments and I'll put it to the top of my queue. Also, don't forget if there's anything I haven't reviewed, or you think I should give a second chance send me an email ( and voice yourself! :)

Blog's I Follow Community Talk:

thistimeitwillbedifferent - Film Reviews: I know we're all film lovers but ttiwdb (since I don't want to write that over and over), posted a pretty deep, and long look at the Book The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. If you're a book lover, or want some more perspective outside the movie, you should check it out.

Movie Moxie: If you're not that big on reading every single word people write... well honestly you're probably not going to get here, but if you are well Shannon over at Movie Moxie did a short 15min Video Blog (Vlog) of this "Week in Film". Looking at Gamer, The Things We Lost in the Fire, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, and continuing her Vampire Film Marathon.

Hollywood Spy: Dezmond through up a pretty interesting article today, on Ryan Phillippe possibly doing a Viking epic alongside Abby Cornish, interesting stuff for RP fans, especially those who remember just how good he was way back in Cruel Intentions. You can check it out here.

The Playlist: Well the playlist always has a whole lot of news, it's rather insane, but they had a pretty interesting article go up today on Pixar doing the film Ant-Man, possibly bumping famous British director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) off the project.

Film Experience Blog: CAUTION! Reading this blog post may be amusing, and entice you to take part in a rather lively debate. Looking at AMC Theater's recent desire to post "Caution" signs on films like District 9 warning viewers about shaky cameras, and the possibility of motion sickness.

Stop The Pota: Ever want to just tell one of those "book was better people" to shush? Well over at Stop the Planet of the Apes, they're counting off some of their favorite films, highlighting cases where they believe the movie was just better. This week, they went into the world of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Written at the same time as the film was being made, I think we can all agree.. the movie was better.

The Ludovico Technique: In anticipation, and perhaps a great worry, of the upcoming release of the Ben Barnes vehicle, Dorian Gray, TLT rolls back the clock to 1945, and reviews the dark classic The Picture of Dorian Gray based on the Oscar Wilde novel.

The Movie Shemps: Got a little fight in you? Well head on over to The Movie Shemps and share your tough guy story, or therefore lack of (in my case). The Movie Shemps are doing their own little case study, looking at the evolution of the fight scene, and its use in modern films, such as The Bourne trilogy.

*Did I miss your awesome post? Want your article/movie review in the next Monday Corner? Don't want your article/movie review in the current post? I do my best to read everything everyone I follow posts but I sometimes miss things so don't be afraid to call me out! Send an email to and let me know :).

Random Discussion Topic

Does anyone else find it a little disturbing that Kal Penn, who has starred in films such as Van Wilder, Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj, and Harold and Kumar 1 & 2 works for the White House as a liaison to Asian-America and the Pacific Islands? I wonder what those meetings are like? Granted if it was me I'd spend half the meeting going "Yeah, yeah starving children. What's it like to work with Neil Patrick Harris?" Oh well, I guess that's why I'm not in politics.


That's all for this first edition of The Monday Corner. Hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to post some feedback so that these can get better and better as I go along.... or of course you could just build up my ego by calling it perfect (though we both know that's a lie). Till next time. Good night everyone and hope you all had a great Labor Day!

6 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Have fun watching SYNECDOCHE - my favorite memory of that film will be a friend coming over to me in the theatre as the credits were rolling and asking what I thought.

All I could think to say was "I....don't...know..."

It's amazing, but so friggin' weird!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thanks for the shout out! My vlogs don't usually go that long.. :)

DEZMOND said...

Ah, Ryan my friend :), I was a target of some critics after publishing that story about THE LAST BATTLE DREAMER :)
Some people think it will never happen, which is fine with me, but as I explained over in my blog, HOLLYWOOD SPY often writes about movies which get made only four or five years after that, so there's always a possibility that the movie will be made even though it might be in a status hiatus right now :))

PS thanx for being a friend ;)

Univarn said...

Haha Dez that's why I don't do news beyond confirmed stuff by other people I find interesting. Besides I make so many typos people's heads would be exploding trying to read what I wrote. Pretty much every movie goes through insane amounts of yes, no, maybe time. Heck QT had shelved Inglouious Basterds for about 8-10 years before working on it.

DEZMOND said...

Not to mention Cameron and his AVATAR which was cooking in his kitchen for more than a decade, and back in the beginning people also didn't believe it would happen, and now it will :)

I was reading some of my old blogs from five years ago and I really didn't find any announced movie which wasn't made later on :)
You just have to be patient when doing exclusive news :)

BTW I forgot to tell you that I love the design of your blog. Thumbs up :)

And I haven't noticed any typos in your blog, but if you notice some in mine, don't pay much attention,after all I'm not a native English speaker :)

thistimeitwillbedifferent said...

I think you can tell by the reaction you got that this is a very good idea and in general very in-keeping with the whole community idea of 'blogging'. Really glad you've got the time to do this and am enjoying reading your Top #100 list. I think this generally gives people something to look forward to reading on a Monday!

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