Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Own You: The New Trend?

With the release this weekend of Gamer, a world in which people can control other people through a real life video game, I began wondering... is being able to control something outside your own skin the new Hollywood "it" thing? Why do you I ask? Well think about it.

Following Gamer, later this year we'll have the Bruce Willis action flick Surrogates. In which humans no longer live their life, instead they control a Surrogate, robot-like being, that lives their life for them free of harm or danger.

Then this fall we'll be treated too Cameron's Avatar. A film in which humans remotely take control of Avatars, a genetic recreation of a world's indigenous population... All sounding a bit too familiar? Well add if you add in the recent love for 3D Cameron's Avatar may just be the sink hole of all recent Hollywood makeovers: Mostly CGI, 3D, Remote Controlled Lives, Insane Budget... etc.

Then again Avatar may prove to be the breaking point, ripping all these apart and maybe even weakening the recent desire to make everything like them? Probably not, but then again one can hope.

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