Friday, September 4, 2009

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Trailer Released!

Few films out there right now define guilty pleasure to me as much as The Boondock Saints original film. After years of will they won't they drama the sequel is now 100% on and the first trailer finally released! Will the movie be as awesome as the original? Minus a cross dressing Willem Dafoe, I doubt it, but hey! Who says it won't be more pure over the top, absurd, entertainment?

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DEZMOND said...

Is that Sean Patrick Flannery in the picture?? I love him, he should get more big roles in Hollywood.

Univarn said...

Yep Sean Patrick Flannery is one of the two leads in the original. 10 years later he's one of the two leads in the sequel. I like him, but he doesn't always make good film choices.

DEZMOND said...

Well, here in Europe we generally know him only through his TV roles.

There's one magical little film, a very profound and charming romantic story, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE in which he gave one of his most spellbinding performances. It's one of those warm little movies which just bring fire back to your heart and a smile back on your face :)

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