Monday, September 21, 2009

House Goes Cuckoo

House: Episode 6.1, "Broken"

So I've decided that since I'm such a big TV fan I might as well do some TV posts on here as well, instead of just doing movies all the time. Don't worry, the journal will still be movie dependent, I'll just take some time to recap/discuss my favorite TV shows: House, Bones, and Fringe.

Starting off with tonight's episode of House!

Basically tonight was House meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The best way I can describe this episode would be perfect! One of the things that makes shows like House, Bones, Fringe, etc. work is that in the absence of their central story their characters can so readily make up for any flaws that you love them, and seek out them. Tonight, House proved that very fact. No mind blowing case, no underlings, beyond 2 minutes no outside connection to any known characters (and that was just Wilson).

This time House, after having suffered his (season 5 spoiler warning) mental breakdown due to long term vicodin abuse, he is now in a mental institution seeking rehabilitation for his issues. Guest stars this episode were abound: Andre Braugher (a long term favorite of mine) grasps all the emotions you could want as House's intellectual match and therapist. Curtis Armstrong in a minor role as one of the fellow patients suffering from paranoia. And of course Franka Potente as House's love interest, a married German woman who visits her long time catatonic best friend to play the piano in the hope of opening her up.

Take all of these, the cruel, uncaring House we all love, and you know hilarity will insue... and oh it does! I was cracking up the entire first hour... but then Broken threw a curve ball. They showed the dark emotional side of House, his inner issues, we were, as an audience, for the first time let in to his psyche. For that alone this episode was amazing, a real full episode dedicated solely to the connection between House and his audience, no subtle 3 second head nods to a power ballad, no cheesy uncaring line, a real look at House. If nothing, Hugh Laurie can take this episode to the Emmys and just say "suck it" with a big smile. To think a career British comedian, like Hugh Laurie can take on such a challenging role as such a quint essential American, he deserves every award he can get.

So if you're not into House, or opted not to watch tonight's episode for whatever reason, the second it finds its way to Hulu or someone else, run out and take a look. This episode is one for the books, an amazing episode of film proportions.

Episode Rating: 10/10

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Off topic, but are you a fan of DEXTER?

Univarn said...

I would be but I don't get Showtime at my apartment, only basic cable.

Lemmy Caution said...

I almost gave up on House last season. It seemed like the writers just had no idea what to do with the characters and were falling into boring "will they sleep together" storylines with House and Cuddy.

I will check out the new season to see if they can get back into a groove of some sorts.....and mainly because Hugh Laurie is just so amazing.

Yours is not the only good review of the season opener I've seen, so I have high hopes that the show can still rebound.

Chase Kahn said...

I've never really watched more than a couple episodes of "House", but the previews for this episode definitely caught my eye.

Really the only network TV shows I watch are "Fringe" and "Lost". I watch "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" religiously.

Univarn said...

Aye. The episode was great, I'm sure it'll be online soon enough through Fox or Hulu (I hope) so you should definitely check it out! Fringe is great, and I'm a Lostaholic.

I just love this episode came one day after the Emmys and Hugh Laurie should easily win next year (I say that knowing a year from now they'll probably give it to Mad Men)

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