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Entertainment Tuesday 9/22/2009

Not sure what's on tonight? Don't have a movie lying around that you can watch? Well following the popularity (debatably) of my must watch fall tv shows, as I said with my House review last night, I'm going to be doing some more TV based articles on here. Today I've decided to talk a little bit about Tuesdays:

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? That's right people I'm going angry (warning some profanity and anger lies ahead)!

Granted Tuesday night has never been "the" night for TV, but come on! This night has hit rock bottom quicker than a drug addict with a gambling problem. Now, don't get me wrong (yes do!), tonight has got plenty of shows for those hardcore fans, but none of them are can't miss TV, there's no Heroes, House, Grey's Anatomy (*spit*), Glee, something that riles everyone up the next day to yell OMG DID YOU SEE THAT EPISODE!?

Here is what's on network tonight:
ABC: 8pm Dancing With the "Stars," or as it shall be called from here on out - Dancing with the people who were kind of famous once.
10pm The Forgotten - Take Cold Case, throw in Christian Slater, remove cops add volunteers, and there you go. This is in fact the only show I'm thinking of watching tonight.

NBC: 8pm The Biggest Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh wait, Loser! sorry about that. I love any show that helps obese people lose weight but I have two problems with shows like TBL: 1) It's primary purpose is not to help those lose weight, it's to get ratings, therefore they will sacrafice all good in favor of the ratings and 2) Google, or look up, about 50% of the people 1-2 years after the show, they're back to their original weight! There's no followup, no caring, no long term re-iteration.
10pm Jay Leno Show... yeah, it's Jay Leno, basically you only ever watch it when he has a worthwhile guest on.

CBS: 8pm: NCIS. An entertaining show, with some good action, and ok characters, but everytime I watch it I have flashbacks of deja-vu to Law and Order and CSI.
9pm: NCIS: Los Angeles. Chris O'Donnell (Everyone who says "oh that guy from Grey's Anatomy" go to your corner now) and L.L. Cool J (aka James, The Abbreviation Guy). NCIS is branching out... to the most conveinent place to shoot imaginable? I vote 50% of episodes or more involve gang violence.
10pm: The Good Wife. After being humiliated by her husband, a wife returns to work as an attorny. Ok then... because the world needs another courtroom drama riddled with inexplicable jargin and characters whose depth is cut and pasted from Lifetime for Women dramas.

Fox: 8pm: Hell's Kitchen - Also known as Gordon Ramsey yells at people for 2 hours. Hell's Kitchen is like watching a sporting event, you know you're watching some of the most self-absorbed asses this side of the universe, but somehow you convince yourself that doesn't matter and it's only the competition that's important. Wrong. People matter, competitions don't, and shows that favor competition in absense of good people and morality are well on my bad side.

What you should be watching:
I won't fault anyone for watching NCIS, Forgotten, mayne NCIS: LA, or checking out The Good Wife, but I emplore you don't watch the other programs. Instead, I have some better recommendations for you:

Movies (8pm start unless otherwise listed):
AMC: Lethal Weapon 3. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover team up with Joe Pesci and Rene Russo to take down drug runners. Not an exceptional film mind you, but throughly entertaining.

TCM: North by Northwest. The Classic Hitchcock thriller starring none other than Cary Grant, and Eva Marie Saint, in one of my all time favorite films. If you haven't seen it before watch it, if you have, watch it again!

Showtime: The Mist. A group of townsfolk hold up in a supermarket after a Mist takes over their whole town... only one problem: what lies inside the mist? I know not everyone gets this channel, sadly I don't, but The Mist is a great sci-fi thriller from Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile), well worth your time.

Syndication TV:
TNT: Bones. The start of season 4 (last year's season) is being played from 6 - 10, all great episodes, and good episodes even for those who have never seen the show before.

TBS: The Office. From 8 right on through to 11, TBS is carrying a marathon worth of Office episodes for your viewing pleasure.

TV Land: Married with Children. From 9 to 11 tonight watch 4 straight episodes of one of the funniest shows of all time. The show that basically made Fox.

My Overall Recommendation:
Really if you're not into the shows listed above you'll probably find little to be excited about tonight. It's overall dull, shallow, tv, with maybe 3-4shows of substance. My real recommendation: Go out, rent a movie, or pop in one from your collection and allow yourself to get lost once more into that grand world.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

*Hops off soap box* Hmmm I wonder if soap is edible? The end.

4 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

"Everyone who says "oh that guy from Grey's Anatomy" go to your corner now"

Hey! And now you put the idea in my head.

Dancing With the Stars and its entire crew should be maimed and hung up so all can see and be warned never to do anything like it again...except for Lacey Schwimmer because I have the hots for her.

Univarn said...

Yeah, I put that comment there just for you :P. The sad thing is if we maimed and hung them up someone would want to broadcast it, and it would get insanely high ratings.

Then within the month we would have "Maimed and Hung with the Stars!" coming this fall on ABC... and then world war 3 would officially begin.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As ridiculous as that sounds it's probably true...maimed and hung with the stars...who would I like to see there: Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Michael Bay, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kara Digordi [or however you spell her name], Nigel Lithgow.

I would pay good money to see that.

Univarn said...

No list would be complete without McG and Len Wiseman... I'd take Jennifer Love Hewitt off, and put Lindsay Lohan up. If nothing for the sake of the lack of well endowed women in hollywood these days. Yes I know that's piggish but it must be said.

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