Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By the Numbers: 4 Day Weekend

Yeah you guessed it correctly... another week passes... another week of The Final Destination at #1. I don't have much to say about this. With all the insanely negative feedback from both viewers and critics alike, I don't know why people kept flocking to see this at the theater instead of waiting for it on DVD, or better yet TV. Then again if people did what I thought the world would be a far more odd place.

In more exciting news, Inglourious Basterds edged out the Bullock vehicle All About Steve, to take 2nd place over the four day weekend, bringing it's total to $95m, and a guaranteed $100+ payday... and an odds on favorite to take the #1 spot for highest grossing Tarantino film. District 9 held well in the 5th spot with $9.1m (only a 15% drop from last week) and has surpassed the $100m domestic gross mark!

The 3 films opening this week all did marginal, but for the most part will be considered heavy disappointments. All About Steve took the 3rd spot over the 4 day holiday with $14m, but nothing but bad feedback seeks out to possibly be a dud. Following in its footsteps is the Gerard Butler film Gamer, as hollywood continues to try and re-invent 300, Gamer tanks rather hard with a heavy marketing plan, and a high budget they'll probably keep well under wraps, making only $11m over the weekend.

Halloween 2 has already made its money, sadly enough, but seems to be fading off rather quickly falling to $6.8m. The other film opening this weekend, Extract, dropped like a bomb, hitting down with $5.5m, likely to string along the bottom barrel before flaking off into DVD land.

In happier news: Ponyo, (500) Days of Summer, and to a lesser extend The Hurt Locker manage to keep making money, but more importantly they continue to make the same amount, not losing any real percentage from week to week. Giving them good chances of being very profitable, and hopefully even building some DVD hype!

Overall though this weekend was just one Hollywood producers will hope to soon be forgetting... I expect much alcohol to be involved in their coping process. My recommendation: make films people want to see, and they will go see them :).

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DEZMOND said...

yes, and please don't do any more remakes, the audience can survive new and fresh things as well :)

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