Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Box Office Outlook

The Final Destination may just be this weekends only destination it seems as movie goers are flocking to the film. The movie has totaled an estimated $10.9 million friday, and is on track for a $28-30million weekend. The movie has received lots of negative buzz from its goers though so odds are this weekend will be the only FD weekend of note. The other big horror film opening nationwide lies in Halloween 2, which seems on track for a $20mill weekend, but just like FD has found negative opinions flocking to the web. Ironically the defense used in favor of both FD and H2 is its gore factor... that's sort of like justifying a $10 meal by saying it had flavor, duh.

The other big film this weekend, Inglorious Basterds, seems to not have grabbed a big followup audience, and seems on track for a $17mill weekend, a +50% drop from last week. This won't appease the Weinstein gods who are in dire need of a $150m+ hit in order to account for recent box office flops. So you can imagine them sitting around praying for a big international hit to account for their needs. District 9 will also likely see another $10million squeaker, bringing this low budget gem to a solid $100+m international gross ($93ish in the US).

Stay tuned for a box office breakdown this monday after all the info is in :).

*Update: Inglorious Soars with big Saturday to take the #2 spot (estimated) and a $20m weekend(don't be surprised to see that come down to $18m tomorrow), while H2 fizzes quickly on saturday/sunday, and Final Destination takes the top spot with $28.3m weekend.

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