Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't Call it a Comeback

Univarn is back by popular demand!

.... Univarn is back by some demand?

........ Univarn is back by someone whispering get back demon at him and him mishearing it as comeback demand?

Look, alright, the truth. I missed you all! Well, some of you anyways. But now that I'm back you don't have to worry anymore. No more sleepless nights, helplessly crying out 'Oh Uni where did thou go?" into the dark abyss of your bedroom. Of course you should really stop doing that anyways, it's a bit weird and I think your significant other is starting to get suspicious.

Alright, so enough of the love love stuff. Here's what I'm saying. I'm back. I'm here to stay, at least in a less perfunctory (you like that? it's my new word!) capacity than I have been over the past few months. Those expecting a return to the heyday of LiE with me posting quality post after quality post, day after day (shhhhh), will likely find themselves a bit wanting. I simply don't have enough ideas to fill up that kind of schedule anymore, and at least remain proud of the effort I've put into the posts.

I'll definitely still be doing reviews of movies I've seen. The occasional list if I can think of one that I fancy I'm capable of doing. Hell, I might even resurrect The Movie Picture Code (one of my true joys as a blogger, though since I've left movie games have gone from craze to a near requirement).

However, you're also going to see a lot more personal content from me. The post It All Started With a Comment is not only the post I'm the most proud of since creating LiE, but it's also inspired in me to want to do more. To dig deeper, release a few demons, and perhaps find the strength in my writing to deal with my own issues that I've kept hidden deep down for years.

Oh, and of course there will be rants. Did you have any doubts? Of course I won't be just ranting about anything. I'll be ranting about things I care about. Or at least feel like I would really enjoy diving in and analyzing.

There will also be plenty of non-movie content. I've always felt like funneling my viewpoints through the medium of film was a bit suffocating, not to mention terribly difficult. Also, I may really feel like ranting about things that aren't movie related because I could. Not that I wasn't doing it before, but I just want to do it more!

Oh, and in case you were worried, there will still be those signature Univarn grammar skills. Or as I have now taken to calling them, UniGrams (this makes me smile so if you don't want to call it that then you can just deal with it).

So, here we go. A new era of LiE begins today. Will it rise to the occasion, or fade once more into the abyss? Find out next time when LiE brings out its first review in ten months with LOOPER.

See you then.

5 better thoughts:

Alex said...

YAYYYY! Welcome back dude. Looking forward to reading new posts from you, and I'm glad you'll get away from the pressure of putting out content every day even if you're not enthusiastic about it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Welcome back! I thought Looper was brilliant so will be interested to hear your take on it.
And no need to feel you have to pump out blog posts like a machine. That drains. There's a reason I only post three times a week.

Andrew said...

How dare you refuse to be the machine I need, the man I can depend on to be there day in day out for reading pleasures and most importantly for me to point on grammatical and spelling errors so that I can have you whimpering in the night on the other end of these interwebs...

Glad to have you back and I expect lots of good things, if not mediocre at best. :)

Film Intel said...

Movie Picture Code! Movie Picture Code! Movie Picture Code! ;-)

Looking forward to reading your stuff again.

Tom said...

Welcome back.

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