Monday, May 28, 2012

So About That "The Avengers" Movie....

Hi, and welcome to roughly the infinity - 1 blog post written about the film The Avengers. You might be wondering why Univarn has taken time out of his busy schedule to write about this movie as pretty much everything that can be said about it, has been said. Well, the truth is I figured it'd be a nice treat for you all to hear from me and The Avengers just so happens to be the subject matter most likely to get your attention. Of course I'm going to talk about the movie but first a message from my sponsors:

Got that 9AM feeling? How about 10AM? 11 AM? Is it a time of day in your area of the world? If so then you're probably feeling drowsy. You're not? Yes you are. You are drowsy. You are getting sleepy. And if you go to sleep the world will end! You don't want that to happen do you? DO YOU!? If you do, you don't. Anyways. We have just the product for you! It's 24 Hour Piss in a Can! The brand new non-energy energy drink that'll keep you going all day long as you'll never feel like sleeping ever again for fear of nightmares about your horrible decision making process and willingness to succumb to awful advertising!

Whew, I must say from personal experience that 24 Hour Piss in a Can is delicious (it isn't) and much better than those other knock off brands like that 5 Hour Energy Drink (funny enough they taste roughly the same). And I'm proud (not really) to have them as my brand new sponsor (they actually paid me double to not drink it and just say I have).

Now with that out of the way let's talk about the Avengers:

1. Isn't it great how Loki's role is effectively the "Bond Villain Speech" with a rotating cast of Bond-esque superheroes for him to have it with?

2. Mark Ruffalo is awesome - how is he the least IMDB'd (pretty sure that's a word) main cast member?

3. So what are the betting odds on The Avengers two rocking a Hulk - Thor romance subplot? Come on, I definitely wasn't the only one feeling it!

4. Go for the tears Scarlett, go for them! You show all those doubters that you can act!

5. Hey, where did that brunette chick who follows Nick Fury come from?

6. Don't you just love it when crew member #(whatever) of the flying boat gets a line. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

7. Was I the only one wishing for part of Loki's master scheme to released a bunch of snakes on the air ship/flying boat thing?

8. Chris Evans has now officially done 3 movies I can stand to watch him in! I'm just so proud *sniff sniff*.

9. I'm still waiting for someone to release a dance album entitled the "Tesseract Shuffle!" Don't ask me what it would entail, I just think the name was born for dance music legend.

10. One of these days I'll learn to sit through an entire movie without having to go pee. Baby steps....

11. I love the Michael Bay "city under siege" approach to innocent bystanders. They go out of their way to show you none of them dying whilst under attack though with as much damage as is caused it's clear that at least some of them definitely died.

12. All in all a real fun movie. Glad I watched it in the theaters rather than at home, something I don't say often.

So with that, happy Memorial Day to my fellow US brethren and till next time, Uni over and out!

4 better thoughts:

Andrew said...

How dare you not mention the amazing Gallaga joke? I almost missed it the first time around. Stark has the throw away line you forget then 5 mins later you see the guy spin around and Ctrl+Tab back to the game... hilarious.

I rewatched the film this weekend (in 2D this time) and isn't it glorious.

PS. I require more articles from you.... like NOW. :P

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good to hear from you - and your sponsors!
Awesome movie. Will buy on 3D BluRay for sure.
PASS on that particular romance subplot though!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"A Life in Equinox" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

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