Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From the Files of Hilariously Dumb Movie Titles

If Man on a Ledge is the frontrunner for the award "'Duh' Movie Title of the Year" then most undoubtedly The Cold Light of Day is the frontrunner for "Worst Effort At Making A Title Seem 'Ohhhhhh'." That's not even factoring in the plot line which seems like someone took a Father-Son version of True Lies and head banged it with a Father-Son version of Hanna.

Seriously though, with a title that superficial, you'd think they'd go for the whole kit and caboodle and just call everything in the movie some inane aspiring word twister. At the very least replace CIA with "Warm Revenge for Cold Dishes Organization."

But oddly enough this isn't the first time that title has been used in films. Oh no, it's been used quite a few times. Judging by the IMDB scores of the past outings, you'd think people would have caught on that this title isn't such a hot commodity. Then again, they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover... or it's trailer... or whether or not Sigourney Weaver has given up on starring in good roles. Just saying.

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Dave Enkosky said...

One of my favorite bad movie titles is the Chuck Norris flick Forced Vengeance.

amelie said...

Haha, recently the movie titles and movie taglines became really lazy. You are right, this is pretty horrible as well as Man on Ledge title (and I could name the most obvious action movie ones). I would make a serie out of it. Great post!

film said...

I bumped into blog accidentally and i must say I love your blog. Keep up then good work.

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