Monday, January 30, 2012

The Monday Corner 1/30/2012

Movies/TV Watched This Past Week:

The Descendants: Being more than a stone's throw away from a fan of Sideways, though far closer to Election and About Schmidt, I was very cautious going into Alexander Payne's latest outing. I must say, while there's a lot here that can be picked apart and mocked, I found it to be quite rewarding and easily relatable. Both of which helped make it sad without being too sad, and fun without being too fun.

Doctor Who Series 3 & 4: OK so last week I lied and went on a bit of a Who rampage this past week. Loved Martha Jones as a companion and Donna Noble was top form. A great collection of episodes definitely helped them both as well. I definitely don't want to see David Tennant leave, but alas all things but end.

For Your Consideration:

With over 5 million posts being presented last week about the Oscar nominations, I had a hard time narrowing down which one was going to get the Monday Corner bump (which is akin to about 1 page click, I imagine). For that honor, I have chosen the ever lovely blog FlixChatter and their post The Good, Thad Bad, and the WTF.

Continuing along those same lines, Lauren of Man I Love Films went all out in her introductory post The Good, The Bad, and the Remake. Though clearly her post is a remake of a classic post by some random European dude.

If you're looking for a bit of a change of pace on the Oscar front then look no further than Jess at Insight into Entertainment. Her series, 30 Days of Oscars examines the past and present Oscar films with great reviews and insightful writeups. A must read.

John of The Droid You're Looking For is throwing in the towel on the creation of Fake Criterion Covers. Though not before going out with a bang as he burns through a host of Coen Brothers films hoping to make that Criterion leap!

Last, but most definitely not least, Rachel has announced her stepping down from the position of top lamb at the Large Association of Movie Bloggers, handing the reigns over to Joel of Deny Everything. Rachel has been a top class leader of the LAMB, and I wish Joel the best of luck!

Have a great Monday everybody.

2 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I'm curious, what's your favourite Payne film?

Hannah M said...

I was so reluctant to see David Tennant leave Doctor Who that I put off watching his last episode for almost a year and a half.

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