Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Told Story

Among the key signs that you're going to be facing an uphill marketing battle ought to be listed "pointing out something that everyone clearly knows is more than a bit off." For exhibit A I direct you to the lovely new poster for the upcoming 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man, released just this past week. Notice the use of black and white, gray shadows, a giant spider outline, and a man performing a spread eagle between two buildings. It's eye catching, and I would wager featured so high on the poster to keep your eyes from veering too far southward.

Why? I have no idea. After all the only red in the entire post is the film's release date and that's certainly a handy bit of information. But between the release date and our lovely bit of shadow puppetry lies something that I can't explain. The words "The Untold Story" sitting firmly in bright and shining silver-grey for you to feast your eyes on.

Come on now? The Untold Story? Sorry to say it but THE story has been told before. It may not been have told by you with your plotting, direction, and styling but it has been told. Now I wouldn't argue if you had gone with "An Untold Story" or "The Previously Told Story Now Being Changed For a New Generation" though I contend the latter is a bit on the long side.

Yet no matter how you slice it the story - which is effectively the rise of Spider-Man - has been done before. So please, don't try and and hide behind the fact (that everybody knows) you're prematurely trying to renew a series. Embrace it! Learn from politicians and sports players' scandals gone wrong. When you embrace what you've done that clearly peeves everyone there's nowhere for them to go with it. It just dies out amidst the nine hundred million other things that occur on any given day. Of course if you want some of that fervor and don't necessarily care if it's positive or negative then fair game. You've done quite a good job at getting it.

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Robert said...

I do agree that this reboot is a little premature. That said, I think they may be referring to the story about how Peter's parents died (pretty sure there's a big storyline in the comics about that) and the fact that Raimi's films didn't go into that?

Could be intriguing, but you're right, this will probably just be a rehash.

Castor said...

Ahaha yea funny marketing. It's probably going to be a rehash of Raimi's first movie, set in high school. Untold Story... right!

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