Monday, December 19, 2011

The Monday Corner 12/19/2011

It's a well known fact that Kim Jong-Il was a big fan of The Monday Corner. Many a time did I receive emails of immense support and dedication through both the good and bad times of this series. At least I'm pretty sure that's what they were about. Now that I think about it he could have just been trying to sell me radioactive Yo-Yos. In all honesty I don't speak Korean, and the only person I know who does moved to South Korea about three years back. So I could have been mistaken about Kim Jong-Ils emails, though of course I'd like to think that deep down all he really needed was links to quality movie blogs. Optimism for the win.

Movies/TV Watched This Past Week:

The Help: How this film could have been great: 1) Cut the unnecessary Stuart-Skeeter romance subplot. 2) Don't hide the only male character capable of being less than 3/4 asshole until the last five minutes of the film. 3) More Mary Steenburgen. There. I think The Help is a good film. It definitely has lots of great performances. In fact I'd argue the performances are too good. While watching the film I felt they highlighted all the flaws in the plotting of the film, but afterwards they help cover your memory of what exactly those flaws were.

Ip Man 2: Let's be honest, these movies could have just two hours of characters saying "boogah boogah" into the screen and as long as the action was mint, everyone who aimed to view it would go "OMG AWESOME!!!!" So it's no surprise that this film effectively took the start of Fearless for the first three quarters and then lifted the plot of Rocky IV to finish it off.

(New) Doctor Who Season 1: I've seen lots of the new-age Doctor Who episodes but never in order to get the full picture and I must say I quite liked it. Christopher Eccleston was a real solid Doctor and I loved his chemistry with Billie Piper. Would love to see him get more roles though I fear his early exist worsened his chances after being overshadowed by the Tennant machine.

For Your Consideration:
Mission Impossible VXI: LINK PROTOCOL

Rich of Wide Screen World takes on one of the greatest enemies of the Univarn - hype. Check out his colorful and creative take on the subject!

These times they are a changin' and Ryan "Dancing in the field of Hatters" McNeil of The Matinee sees the change everywhere around him as the blogging world has opened up doors he'd never imagined.

In what is arguably my favorite weekly series among the blogs I follow Let's Not Talk About Movies' Don't Make a Scene takes on the essential classic male character in Rick from Cassablance, and has been doing so all December long!

With Christmas just on the horizon now, Cinema Viewfinder steps up to the plate and delivers unto you a list of the must see Criterion releases of this final quarter of 2011!

Last, but not least, the review of the week goes to the two-headed investigative team over at Anomalous Material Castor and Sam who came to similar, and yet very different deductions during their outings to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

ruth said...

Hi Uni, I just heard on MPR that Kim Jong was a huge fan of Hollywood movies, apparently he owned all the Oscar Best Pictures dvds, ahah. No doubt he frequented movie blogs as well :D

Man I'm so bummed I haven't seen The Help yet, we wanted to rent it from Red Box last weekend but there were none available! I hope to catch that before the end of the year.

Castor said...

Very kind to link to Sam and my review of Sherlock Holmes! Thanks :D

I enjoyed Ip Man 2 but it's not as good as the first one sadly.

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