Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Into Right Now

It's quite easy to paint me as a man woefully detached from the society in which I'm geographically inclined to operate. So much so that I often play up the role of being an angry curmudgeon just to help explain to people why I really don't care for the latest dealings in a certain celebrity's life or the latest reality show. All the same, I thought it would be fair game to bring you all up to speed on what I do spend my time on when I'm not purveying all your lovely blogs and a never battle against the oncoming waves of movies being release.

So, without further ado these are the various things I'm into right now:

QI with Stephen Fry
The Walking Dead
Shakugan no Shana
Barclay's Premier League
A Dance With Dragon - Book 5 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series
Fairy Tail

Things People Have Recommended To Me That I'm Catching Up On:
Kimi Ni Todoke
Breaking Bad
Yes I'm one of those guys who plays games years after they're releases

So there you have it. Pretty much the gamut of my viewing/reading/playing catalog at the moment. Got any recommendations of your own? Or anything non-movie related you're checking out and really passionate about? Share it in the comments!

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Film Intel said...

You're a Premier League watcher?! Hugely surprised this hasn't come up on twitter. Come on then, spill the beans, who are you following/supporting/loving? And can I tempt you into watching the mighty (ahem) Crewe Alexandra?!

Univarn said...

@Sam I talked about it briefly with gmanReviews a few weeks back and brought it up briefly in a post on sports I did around the same time period.

As for supporting a club, I don't have much of a choice really. The only channels that show European Football are ESPN and Fox Soccer. ESPN only covers the early game on Saturday. Fox Soccer covers both the early and late games on Saturday and throughout the week but they don't delve outside the Premier League-UEFA-Serie A land much.

Film Intel said...

I don't know what the international rules will be on such things but for an extra dose you could try both BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

iPlayer has The Football League Show (Championship, League 1, League 2) and Carling Cup highlights (I think).

ITV Player has FA Cup stuff, which will see the Premier League teams enter at Round 3 in January.

Anna said...

I love this type of posts! Quoting High Fidelity, 'Books, films, music these things matter!', I think they tell a lot about the personality of an individual.

My list would basically be :


Scott Lawlor said...

It is alway nice to see Breaking Bad in any list. I do love that show so much

Castor said...

Definitely do check out Breaking Bad. Nothing against Walking Dead but it's bush league TV compared to BB.

Univarn said...

@Sam I'll definitely look into it :)

@Anna If I had a computer capable of handling it or an XBOX 360 I'd probably be listing the same thing!

@Scott I've noticed a whole lot of people do.

@Castor Yeah I'm one episode shy of being done with season 3. Great show!

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