Monday, November 28, 2011

The Monday Corner 11/28/2011

The Monday Corner, brought to you in part by Safety Dance. Because you can dance when you want, you can leave your friends behind. Safety Dance, available in all good second hand store outlets.

Let's go!

Movies Watched This Past Week:

Hugo: There was lots of potential and lots of quality and beautiful visuals interspersed throughout, but the whole time it felt like there was something missing. Expect a review on this one day this week.

TV Series (kind of) Wrapped Up This Past Week:

The Walking Dead season 2: After a killer first three episodes, The Walking Dead's season 2 seemed to stall something awful. It's a shame that it took them until the final 10 minutes of their "mid-season finale" (which I'm pretty sure isn't an actual thing - grammar wise) that they remembered what the first season brought audiences that attracted them in droves.

For Your Consideration:
Hey look, it's links! Oh, the good ol' days are back.

Andrew of gmanReviews is calling upon everyone to discuss the appeal of the failed romance in cinema! The appeal is rather easy: after years of reality television we've all grown cynical and believe there's no true love left in the world. In other words - it's all MTV's fault.

John of The Droid You're Looking For tackles a subject near and dear to my heart in his piece on Film Writing: The Canon vs. The Current. If only a proper canon existed with which we could strategically attack particular points in current film and replace them all would be right with the world!

Sam of Film Intel is Johnny on the spot this week as he offers Hollywood the opportunity to do a sequel and rip on the News International scandal all in one go! That's practically giving Hollywood its cake, letting them eat it, and then cleaning up the dishes yourself.

Hollywood is such a tease, and Joanna of Man I Love Films is getting tired of it in her op-ed piece this week on teaser trailer fatigue.

Lastly, for this week's review of the week, we travel on over to the land of Hatters and Madness at The Matinee who tackles Martin Scorsese's 2011 offering, HUGO!

Soundtrack of the Week:
One of the real bright spots of Hugo is Howard Shore's throwback/modern mixture of a score. Check out some of it below:

Enjoy your Monday, Everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Ryan McNeil said...

Thanks for the plug good sir. Hope getting back to work after the holiday isn't too painful for you!

Robert said...

I definitely want to see Hugo at some point, but I don't know if I can drag my ass to a theater for it.

There were definitely a few slow episodes of the WD recently, but I liked the last few. The "mid season finale" AKA something AMC made up because it sounds cool, was surely something, but I don't know what that something was. It left me feeling a little unfulfilled.

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