Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheap Melodrama or Quality Drama? Being Flynn Trailer

If you were to judge movies strictly at a glance you'd likely imagine one of the default skill sets for being a filmmaker is a well developed sense of daddy issues. Or at least the ability to imagine what it would be like having such daddy issues. Enter Being Flynn, a movie seemingly tailor made for Oscar consideration.

The trailer gives me the feeling of some odd triple combination of The Pursuit of Happyness, Big Fish, and Wonder Boys. Which in and of itself is not that bad, but I can't shake this feeling that the movie is pushing the melodrama a bit harsh. Especially when DeNiro goes into full "I made you" mode. I could almost hear the echo of James Van Der Beek yelling "I don't want your life" from Varsity Blues ringing in the background during Dano's full angry sequence. And while I'll admit lots of people enjoy that movie, I don't think too much of it.

Either way, check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

2 better thoughts:

Robert said...

This movie looks kind of pretentious. :( Wish De Niro would make something awesome again.

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

The story and casting certainly make this look like Oscar bait, but the website says "Coming Spring 2012," which is not a great release date for an Oscar-seeking film because they tend to get lost in the shuffle by the end of the year (unless it is coming to festivals in the Spring and being released to theaters later in the year). Still, I'll probably see this one just the same!

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