Monday, October 3, 2011

The Monday Corner 10/3/2011

Be sure you tune in to the blog this Thursday as I will be calling on all of your help for devising a solution for a very specific dilemma I'm dealing with!

For Your Consideration:

While my own experiences with him may be far more limited than I would have hoped, there's no denying - in my eyes - that Buster Keaton is awesome. And this retrospective on the man's illustrious, albeit complicated, career from The Droid You're Looking For rises to the occasion in paying homage to him.

Ever want to have a Requiem For a Dream lunchbox when you were a kid? How about an Unfaithful setup? If so, you're in luck because Go See Talk's blog-a-thon envisions all the R-rated lunch awesomeness that you were deprived of as a child! I'm still waiting for my Ichi the Killer lunchbox...

You know, people cut off their own hair a lot in movies. Maybe it's the 'hip' thing to do? Wait, does that mean I should cutoff my hair? You know, being the hip guy that I am. Well, in such tradition and in honor of the release of 50/50, Alex the Film Forager stepped up to the plate and counted down her top five hair cutting scenes in movies.

Should celebrities change their name? Does it really do any good? That's the challenge taken on by The Great White Dope this week as he looks at everyone from Natalie Portman to Chuck Norris and the moves they made to ensure their cinematic immortality.

Everyone seems to be high up on this latest Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I refuse to openly call him JoGo) and this review from Ryan "Rocking it Like a Mad Hatter in Remission" McNeil of The has only gone to bolster that stance.

Poll Update:
Alright we're back on track with a brand new poll. Put on your straight inner reflection face and let's go!

New Poll: Here's what I'm curious about this week - What is your favorite kind of movie ending?

Soundtrack of the Week:
For my money this is one of the best scores of all time. It just has the great misfortune of being from an M. Night film that will likely be disregarded by all in 10 years as he continues his spiral into social oblivion.

Have a great Monday everybody!

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Castor said...

Yea, I refuse to call Joseph Gordon-Levitt JoGo as well. Take that Kai!

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