Monday, October 24, 2011

The Monday Corner 10/24/2011

Movies Watched This Past Week:

Hanna: I was a bit disappointed with this one. Major fan of Saoirse Ronan, anything with Cate Blanchett is instantly in my fave queue, and Eric Bana has really molded himself into a fine performer... but it just didn't all click for me. I'll definitely say that with each passing film Joe Wright seems to be getting more and more intrusive as a director. Which might have been part of the reason I came out a bit mixed on this one. It just felt like a major component was missing. The B to connect A and C if you will. Oh well, sadly this will be my first big disappointment of the year.

Trick 'R Treat: I hate go there, but the one two punch of these two really made this weekend the weekend of disappointment. I didn't know much about this one, except from Kaiderman and a couple other posts I'd seen around the bend, but... meh. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting mediocre horror mixed with primarily dark humor that it really caught me off guard? I'm not sure, but I will say that I wasn't wholly upset when the credits began to roll. If anything, I was a bit relieved.

For Your Consideration:

With Halloween quickly approaching, The Great White Dope is counting down towards the much revered holiday with a collection of fun pop culture and obscure horror film references. Why hasn't anyone made a horror film yet about a crazed religious icon who hops on couches and decries PPD? That would scare the hell out of me...

Cinematic Paradox celebrates their second birthday in style, throwing out the love to their fellow bloggers and revamping their top 100 films! I've always wondered, will me linking to a post that links back to my blog which links back to their post create an infinite loop in the internet? No better way to find out than with a blog with 'paradox' in the title!

Ever wonder what kind of horror film is just perfect for you? The Droid You're Looking For has you covered with this high flying flow chart, guiding you through the land of horror. Though I must protest, I do feel Twilight, no matter how genre-ish it is, has no place on this flow chart, and should be punishment for those who fall off trying to navigate the thing.

Tackling one of the films that made me fall in eternal adoration of Jimmy Stewart, Sam over at Film Intel dives into the complicated, but wonderful world of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I've said it before, I'll say it again - it's always sad when you see a film decades old taking on a flaw in our world and realize it's still 100% applicable today.

Last but not least is the movie list to end all movie lists. In fact, upon finishing this if Heather didn't see in giant letters "Game Over" floating above her head then the world is in far worse shape than I realized. So join Heather and her post over at Man, I Love Films as she counts down the top 10 urination scenes in movies.

Poll Update:
Apparently everyone needs to put on their Sunday best because this is tie city.

Poll Results: Best Movie Apocalyptic Scenario
1. (tie) 3 votes: Zombies (Walking Dead may have skewed this a bit), Nuclear War (just so long as you don't fight in the war room), and Environmental (shhh, the trees are out to get you!)
2. (tie) 2 votes: Robots (I am a machine... please insert your debit card now) and Aliens (some acid trips you don't come back from)
3. (tie) 1 vote: Sickness (till death do us part) and Vampires (I can't help but feel Twilight has unjustly undone this genre)

New Poll: To take a line from the Scream franchise, simply "Do you like scary movies?"

Soundtrack of the Week:
For my money, John Murphy has to be one of the best working composers of the last ten years. Here's his main track of the films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later!

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Lesya Hearst said...

I was also disappointed wit hHanna when I saw it back in spring. However, now i think I might appreciate it better.

Stevee Taylor said...

Thank you kindly for the link!

I saw Hanna about three weeks ago in cinemas (yeah, it *just* came out here) and I was pretty disappointed with it. The music is bloody amazing though. As is Saoirse Ronan.

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