Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Monday Tuesday Corner 09/06/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

I actually spent much of this past week watching movies I'd already seen. Some more times than I'm ever likely to admit. The Star Wars saga, whose blatant inconsistencies become ever more apparent with each passing viewing, though I find my care dwindling in contrast. Sunshine, Serenity, Road Warrior, all back to back to back? Man, someone over at SyFy must have fallen asleep in the programming room and hit the "good movies" button by mistake!

For Your Consideration:
Give me the link and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your posts oh oh! Shush, it ties in with the first post and I couldn't think of anything to replace rock and roll with on the fly!

Ryan "Formerly Mad Hatter But Now No Longer Known As That" McNeil of The Matinee was once a feature, and talented list maker by his own right, and yet he was turned his back on this oh holy grail of the blogging forum. Why? Check out his post to find out!

What's one way to get Kaiderman out of the house? Well, yes I'm sure a game of Candyland might work. But, better yet, have your theater play one of the directors Kai goes gaga for (and by gaga I mean gaga, not Lady Gaga and if that was your first then you are forever shamed). Check out his post over at Man, I Love Films!

This past week saw the entire geek community rise up in a single voice and yell "ugggh, OMG Lucas! WTF?" Admittedly it's not quite as powerful as it could have been but all the same check out Screen Insight as they dive into one of the most 'no'-tastic yells of all time courtesy Star Wars Episode 3!

There's no feeling quite like waking up in the morning to your robotic companions taking care of all the mundane work you never want to deal with. But which robots to pick? Well, follow The Droid You're Looking For's journey through the world of cinematic Robots as he gauges the ones most worth hiring.

Where a film is set and the impact that has can often be as big a factor in the unveiling of our characters as the plot itself. Big Thoughts From a Small Mind takes a gander at this phenomenon, delivering a collection of films where the setting rises up to be a supporting character in its own right.

Poll Results:
I've decided to extend the poll for this week. Be sure you get out there and vote as soon as you get the opportunity!

Noteworthy DVD Releases of the Week:

X-Men: First Class: I prefer to think of this film as the start of a new series which is really kind of like the old series, but let's be honest will never really match up point for point. That's the problem with prequels on the whole. Characters actions in the earlier installments often lead you to wonder why they would act in a completely different manner, supposedly later on in the series.

Hanna: Still jumping to see this, never could find the right time to check it out at the theaters.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!

9 better thoughts:

Lesya Hearst said...

Wow, you gave a great rating to X-Men: First Class. It's so unexpected :)

PS In the first comment, I wrote that I gave it a great rating. Which is truth all the way. But not the point.

Ryan McNeil said...

Yay Linkage! Thanks buddy. When I get back to doing link posts in a few weeks, I'll be sure to return the favour.

As for the confusion over my name - email Rachel or Jess. They have a jpg of a symbol that I also answer to nowadays in lieu of a name.

Univarn said...

@Lesya I like science fiction so it shouldn't be that unexpected but thanks all the same :)

@McNeil My plan is to just use your handle flop as a recurring gag for so long as I can come up with different ways of placing the old Mad Hatter into the context of your name. I'll likely be the only one laughing, but that's expected of this blog.

Mette said...

I'm gonna watch X-Men - thought it would be disappointing. And Hanna is so great.

simoncolumb said...

Thanks for the link!

Its a controversial opinion but I stand by it!


Simon said...

As luck would have it, I have begun school this very day. Therefore, I am in no mood for this little shakeup of yours, SIR.

Duke said...

Thanks for the link Ryan!

See what I did there ^^^ :D

You'll like "Hanna": if you don't - well... all hope is lost.

Peace my man.

Univarn said...

@Mette Thanks for the comment. X-Men is only as good as you let it be. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I liked that it put so much effort into creating dynamic characters.

@Columb On the plus side, you didn't get nearly as many angry comments as some other bloggers.

@Simon What if I offered a milkshake in apology?

@Duke *strokes imaginary beard* linkage is not given, it is earned... and sometimes given, but mostly earned, well it depends on my mood really. Ah hell, forget it. I expect I'll like Hanna, but we shall see.

Simon said...

That would depend on how many boys it brought to the yard.

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