Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogging: The Modern Classic Film Watching Cure

A post from Nick over at Anomalous Material about the much lauded 1995 Michael Mann classic, Heat got me thinking about one of the best qualities of blogging. Talking about films long after their social relevance has faded out. You know, movies kind of like Heat which aren't exactly old enough to attract the luster of classic film bloggers, but were made strong enough that they still hold a heavy spot in the heart of quite a few mixed film age bloggers. Because lets be honest, the social relevance of films tend to die off long before many of us get a chance to review them. Let alone really talk about them. After all, who really pays attention to that blog that just posted a positive King's Speech review? That films was like so, five months ago.

But bloggers don't operate as such. Whereas in life you may know a handful of people far enough outside your age group to remember Heat and discuss it now - unless of course you're a sports show host in which case you struggle remember any movies other than Heat and Goodfellas - bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. So if you post a review for Heat now, there is - in all likelihood - someone else who has also recently experienced the film and is biting at the bit to dive into a discussion of it. Not to mention a heavy dose of fellow bloggers from different walks of life ready and able to tell you why that movie was the greatest ever, so overrated, or just alright.

And I like that. It's nice to know that when I do bother to walk down memory lane and indulge in a movie from my childhood there's a solid possibility that someone around me may be experiencing it for the first time. After all, if there's one thing I've learned from all my viewings of Armageddon is that the world isn't worth saving if nobody else on the earth is using animal crackers to make a sexual innuendo laden safari documentary on Liv Tyler's body.... or something like that.

2 better thoughts:

Mike Lippert said...

How many times have you viewed Armageddon? Good post.

Simon said...

Or exactly like that. Is there any other way to watch Armageddon?

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