Friday, August 19, 2011

The Movie Picture Code #5

Do you possess the skill, the insight, the perceptive capabilities to crack the movie picture code? Below you'll find the names of three films, though don't be surprised if they are not in the form you would imagine. Nope, they are masked by a sequence of pictures whose representations may define, imply, or merely phonetically resemble the title they are meant to create. Your job is to crack the code. To uncover the name, and boast about your superior astute capabilities.

Let's Begin!

Click on the images to enlarge.

1. First up - Leftovers
Since none of you could guess it last week, it's back again this week! Remember your clue: The first image is not about the image itself, but a trait of it.




Kano (4)
Jason (3)
Mad Hatter (2)
Jess (1)
Red (1)

Outside the Box:
Jake (1)
Jason (1)
Kano (1)
Liam Underwood (1)

11 better thoughts:

Nikhat said...

the 2nd one is War and Peace! I got something!!

Alex said...

Why is this so IMPOSSIBLE argh!

Is the outside the box one something with "Rock and Roll"? Rock and Roll High School?

Univarn said...

@Nikhat Correct! One down, three to go!

@Alex Very hard to respond to your first question without giving away the answer, but I will say that the answer you gave is not the right one :)

Yojimbo_5 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yojimbo_5 said...

No. 3 is American Beauty.

Colin said...

Rocknolla, I think?

The first one's driving me mad...

Univarn said...

@Yojimbo Correctamundo!

@Colin Seeing as didn't specify which question you're answering I'm going to have make a judgment call and assume you're answer the Outside the Box and meant RocknRolla. If so, correct. If not, well then the false points coming your way will eat at your conscience forever. Oh and for #1, I'll be giving out another clue tomorrow if nobody gets it. I really don't think it's that hard, but since the first and last image are deceptive you've really gotta know what I'm going for here.

Yojimbo_5 said...

Okay, so would No. 1 be Primal Fear?

Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jake said...

Was gonna guess Goldfinger for no. 1, but I think Yojimbo's got it

Univarn said...

@Yojimbo Yep! You got it!

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