Monday, August 15, 2011

The Monday Corner 8/15/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Nada - Been concentrating on my diet and exercise which has inadvertently cut into my movie watching time. On the plus side, I'm down 6lbs since I started so... yay.

For your Consideration:

The Droid You're Looking For willingly admits to not being a 'stick around for the credits' kind of guy, that is unless just the right song comes on. Somehow I feel this is one of those rare moments where one can queue up I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore.

This past Friday Rich at Wide Screen World hosted the 2nd installment of his Freeze Frame: Roundtable Take - which included yours truly, Andrew of Encore Entertainment, and Meredith of M. Carter @ The Movies - with the topics for this time being: The AMPAS Best Picture, Rise of the International Marketplace, and the Fighting Odds for R-Rated Female Comedies (i.e. Bridesmaids). Read, enjoy. comment!

In a fun twist on your generic everyday list,Nick Prigge of Anomalous Material slices out a line from the latest trailer for The Whistleblower (yay Rachel Weisz) and imagines other actors with the skill to deliver such a line.

What sort of movies creep into your viewing scope when midnight roles around? For Rambling Film, it's just about everything you can think of... and maybe a few you don't want to. Any list that can feature Rock-A-Doodle and Splice on the same list earns some much do affection.

Last, but not least, Bitchin' Film Reviews ponders why so many movie stars are fleeing film and heading straight towards your televisions? Who knows, but I'm sure VH1 is just waiting in the wings ready to pounce with Celebrity Rehab Island!

Poll Update:
Total domination - enough said.

Results: Do Prospective Sequels Undermine First Installments?
1. 12 votes: Sometimes, but more so for films that should have just been one (I'll just go ahead and consider this the superhero special)
2. (tie) 1 vote: Always, takes all the thrill out of the original (I'd agree when you end up knowing more about the sequel than the original) & Seldom, if ever, because everyone loves a series (I think people loved planned series rather than random, *quick I need a sequel stat* series), & Never - there's nothing I love more than knowing there will be more before experiencing the one (deep down I wonder if this was a sarcastic anonymous vote)

New Poll: This weekend brings us two movies nobody asked for, and it seems as if very few people want in the Conan the Barbarian remake and Spy Kids 4: The Answer to Why Joel McHale Should Just Stick to Being on Television. So, I wonder - is anyone really amped up for either of these?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
This week's selection - Apocalypse Now!

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Thanks for the AM link! Wow you haven't seen a single movie this past week, you are no movie aficionado anymore ;) Keep up the good work on your diet and exercise regimen!

John said...

Congrats on those six pounds, sir.

You need to find a way to watch movies while working out.

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