Friday, July 8, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 07/08/2011

Somehow I feel like this is that god awful week just before the Super Bowl, but just after the semi-finals. You know the one - where all the analysts keep talking about how awesome next weekend will be, while at the same time desperately trying to make this weekend's "All Star Game" seem somehow exciting. "Oh yes, this game will be packed with all your favorite players... 90% of which have backed out, but still!!!!!!"

Wide Releases:

Horrible Bosses: I was looking forward to this until it fell into the most vile pit of all - the all day comedy central special. It's a level of "oh this will definitely suck" which I have come to call "The Strange Wilderness Honorable Craptastic Film of the Year." Early reviews seem promising, but in all honesty I've been lost to a sea of bah humbugery from which there is no clear escape. Not even the vague promise of Jennifer Aniston sexing it up can put me back on the straight and narrow. I'm a lost cause. Hopefully, for those who venture out to see it - this movie isn't.

Zookeeper: Alright, I may be reading into this a bit much, but is it just me or does this film reek of Hitch screenplay leftovers with a tad of Doctor Doolittle thrown in (and of course Night of the Museum)? Kevin James as the fat guy with a good heart. Leslie Bibb as the random blond chick he wants. Obviously the animals are nothing more than a sad effort to replicate the Will Smith charm. All capped off with the sexy Latin girl thrown into the mix - Rosario Dawson. Though somehow I doubt Dawson and Zoo "Hitch" Animals will end up together in the end and she'll probably just settle for Kevin James. Shame, this movie might have been worth the price of admission otherwise.

Limited Releases:

Project Nim: I've been interested in this since I first read about it at the Dark of the Matinee. Shall be interesting to check it out, though I'll likely end up waiting until the DVD.

The Ledge: I know nothing about this film, and it seems as if that goes for lots of people writing about this weekend's release. Not too surprising though, as everything I've read about it generally involves a solemn plea for you to stay as far away as is humanly possible.

Well, that's all I've got for you today! Hope you have a great weekend.

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Red said...

The Ledge looks somewhat interesting. The writer/director seems to be pretty full of himself, though. "I have created Hollywood's first ever atheist hero!!!!!!"

But yeah, the reviews haven't been too kind.

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