Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 07/19/2011

Have no fear, while my elder brother has left this world I am still here. Leader of the Obligatory charge into the abyss of cinematic ramblings from a mind so warped, even wormholes look upon it and go 'wtf mate?' Welcome, to the next installment of the Obligatory DVD Release Post!

New Releases:

Limitless: Bradley Cooper - living proof that just so long as you have blue eyes and a passably solid body, anyone will call you sexy. Especially if you exude "lovable asshole" with every passing word that seeps out of your mouth. His sudden rise to "OMG" among some of my fellow female bloggers completely boggles my mind. Then again, it could be worse. When Taylor Lautner appeared in the trailer for whatever that star vehicle he's in - that also stars real talent much to my distress (Weaver and Molina? Come on!!!! *cries*) - there were literally screams from some of the girls in the audience. So much so that they actually drowned out my wailing of fear! Oh well, Cooper - you've earned your roles... just forgive me but I've got nothing for you. The only movie you've done that sits in my good graces is The A-Team. Your bandwagon most definitely took a sharp turn right when you came close to me.

Take Me Home Tonight: Also known as - that movie with that '80s theme and song in the trailer that '80s nostalgia freaks flocked to, only to promptly return in shame and despair mourning their loss money. Topher Grace, adding a decade to the end of your biggest success isn't going to make us forget Spider-Man 3, just accept it.

Potiche: I don't have anything to say except that I saw a picture of Gerard Depardieu and immediately started jumping up and down for joy. He just has that effect on me, what can I say?

Other Goodies:

Beauty and the Beast (1946 - Criterion Collection): I've heard this is one of the best imaginings of this classic tale - we shall see...

Boyz N the Hood (Blu-Ray): It's hard to remember John Singleton when he was a promising up and coming director with all the makings of an eventual Oscar mainstay. You know, as opposed to the poor man's tentpole film director that he's become known for now. *tear*

Amelie (Blu-Ray): You know why this is here, if I have to explain you and me need to have a little talk.

Other Blu-Ray releases: Chocolat, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Bridget Jones' Diary

Well, that's all I've got for you today - good luck and happy hunting!

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Castor said...

Looking forward to see Limitless and see what the fuss is all about. It did surprisingly well at the box office.

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