Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 07/12/2011

Alright, here we go for a super streamlined addition of the Obligatory DVD Release Post!

New Releases:

Rango: Alright, so I admit it - if you're going to pull a Sergio Leone homage the odds are highly in your favor that I'll be crying tears of joy.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Teams up with the Chevette Public Defender in a cage match to do the death against the Mercedes District Attorney! This FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY... only on Pay Per View. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Insidious: I know some people who have really been eating this up, but I'm still on the fence about bothering to check it out. May put this on the Halloween queue.

Arthur: Dudley Moore is a legend... Russell Brand is just kind of there all the time. Enough said.

Other Releases: [REC] 2, Miral, and Waking Madison

*Note - Arthur and Rango are 'technically' going to be released this Friday but whatever.

Other Goodies:

TCM Greatest Classic Legends: A whole bunch of four packs coming out of the TCM slot today including stars: Lucille Ball, Burt Lancaster, Elizabeth Taylor, and english pairings Shakespeare Films and Literary Romance!

Happy Hunting everybody!

5 better thoughts:

Film Intel said...

Surprised to see [Rec] 2 is only just coming out over there. Any idea why it took so long for it to make it to DVD? It's very good if you get the chance to see it - I thought it was actually much better than the first one, which is fairly rare for a horror sequel.

The Mad Hatter said...

I still stand by liking that ARTHUR remake, and contend that Russell Brand was actually quite a good part of it (admittedly, other things were messy).

As for RANGO - you can take it for its Leonesque nature, I'll take it for its Polanskiness.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Arthur is one of those movies that had no reason for a remake. Curious about Insidious - I'll dump it somewhere in the NetFlix queue. Rango however was totally original and quirky as hell!

Alan said...

Another week with me not buying DVDs, I guess. I was not a fan of Rango, but I did like how they studied real animal movements before they did the animation.

Castor said...

I will finally get to see all of those movies I have missed, namely every single one of them on this list muahahah. But yea, I will skip Arthur, I can't stand Russell Brand...

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