Friday, July 29, 2011

The Movie Picture Code #2

Do you possess the skill, the insight, the perceptive capabilities to crack the movie picture code? Below you'll find the names of three films, though don't be surprised if they are not in the form you would imagine. Nope, they are masked by a sequence of pictures whose representations may define, imply, or merely phonetically resemble the title they are meant to create. Your job is to crack the code. To uncover the name, and boast about your superior astute capabilities.

Now I think I'm going a bit easy on ya'll this week, but we shall see. Let's Begin!





Jason (3)

Outside the Box:
Jason (1)

11 better thoughts:

Kano said...

1) say anything

Kano said...

3) mission impossible

Kano said...

4) Super Man 3

Red said...

Dang it, just figured out the Superman 3 one...*sigh*

Univarn said...

@Kano very nice!

@Red Don't lose hope, #2 is still up for grabs!

John said...

#2 is obviously 1973 Best Picture winner "Legotowtruck Mintstooge".

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

2: Truck Mint Moe! Ah, I forgot about that one. Such a gem!

Univarn said...

Gah some of you are so close it's quite painful.

But, as always, here's your hint for #2:

Sometimes going backwards is the same as going forwards.

Jess said...


Red said...

They can be backwards?!?!

Every 10 seconds I found myself back to saying "Memento? Nah, that can't be it...okay...truck mint mo...truck mint mo...memento...f%*#!!!!!!!"

Univarn said...

@Jess Ding ding!

@Red It just felt wrong to put Memento straight left to right. 99% of the time if they're not an outside the box, they'll be straight forward :)

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