Monday, July 25, 2011

The Monday Corner 07/25/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Police Story 2 - Interesting flip on the style of the first one. Much more toned down in terms of fight scenes, and narrative centric. Looking forward to the third!

For your Consideration:

Kid in the Front Row walks through very stick territory as he tries to explain the large outcry from people on social networking sites for the saddening death of Amy Winehouse drowning out a bit of the sobering Norway tragedy. Either way, I don't think there is a 'right' reaction other than empathy and sadness.

I love me some Six degrees of Kevin Bacon so when Kai of Man, I Love Films delivered his list of the top 5 Kevin Bacon films for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon you can guarantee I was there with my pen and notebook at the ready! Though obviously Wild Things and the instant connection to Matt Dillon trumps all.

FlixChatter has been going all out in their coverage of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con! The only things stopping me from going are time and money - you know, the little things in life.

Is Phillip Seymour Hoffman underrated? Encore's World of Film & TV thinks so in their honorary birthday post to good ol' reliable PSH.

Captain America is the best superhero movies of 2011! At least so says Reel Talk who gives the top five reasons why. In fairness, Captain America doesn't have much competition. Thor was passably entertaining and I wouldn't go near Green Lantern with a fifty foot pole.

Poll Update:

Sorry Potter, but it seems as if the part1-part2 curse shall leave you wanting come Oscar evening.

Results: What are Deathly Hallows Part 2's Oscar chances?
1. 10 votes: A win or two at best but nothing major (sad but I think it's true)
2. (tie) 6 votes: Pretty good for taking down the tech awards (Transformers 3 would put up a fight but I think sympathetic choice wins out here) & Lucky if they even get more than a couple of nominations (harsh, but you never know - sound editing is always out there)
3. 2 votes: Really good for best picture/direction/writing (I would give them a 1 in a 100 shot... at best)

New Poll: Yeah, yeah, yeah - Cowboys & Aliens all you want, we all know what this weekend is all about: THE SMURFS! So I want to know, how often do you watch 'kids' movies?

No soundtrack this week, sorry everybody. Hope you have a great Monday!

1 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Haven't seen too many news movies in the past week either. Just the Harry Potter finale and The Adjustment Bureau. I do have Rango patiently waiting for me and I will check out Captain America later today or tomorrow.

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