Friday, June 24, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 06/23/2011

Oh, here we go again.

Wide Releases:

Cars 2: Who would have thought it would ever come to this? Pixar struggling to come close to a Cameron Diaz vehicle for the week's top RT score? While I'm not among the contingent who struggles to breath at the mere mention of Pixar, I do hold them in high enough esteem to feel a bit saddened by this. However, to all my doom and gloom readers, take solace in these two facts - 1) Every studio/director/writer or any high caliber has at least one black sheep and 2) Larry the Cable Guy has to be on the downswing by now... seriously... please... anyone? That said, I have some relatives who believe Cars is Pixars best, so I'm sure they're happy. Oh look - Jason Isaacs sighting, win!

Bad Teacher: Hey look, it's Cameron Diaz as Stereotypical Ditzy-Sexy-Sporty-Bitchy Cameron Diaz! With a double dose of poor career woman looking for a man to deal with all the tough for her! Oh, and to get the man she needs a boob job, isn't that just so precious? It's like misogyny wrapped in the veil of empowerment. You go girl... only so far as the guy will let you. Oh, and Segal - you need to back off man. Amy Adams and Cameron Diaz in the same year? You're pushing it. Phyllis Smith... carry on.

Limited Releases:
Apparently this week is the dumping ground for every limited release :\

Conan O'Brien Can't Stop: Being in the way of my plans for global domination..... must find way to destroy his hair.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey: You had me at Turtle...

Leap Year: For the record, you should avoid any passing references to berated rom-coms when making the transition from much praised acclaimed foreign film to English speaking base.

A Better Life: It has to be Weitz... the one two punch of Golden Compass and New Moon was a bit harsh by even the most generous of rating standards.

Alright folks, that's all I've got for you this week - enjoy yourselves!

2 better thoughts:

Eric said...

My goal is to see both the Conan doc and Trollhunter this weekend. Now I just need to find the time to do so...

Simon said...

Meanwhile, Beginners and Tree of Life come out in A Theatre Near Me! Hazzah for small victories!

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