Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 06/28/2011

Dear god, please don't look. Run away! Flee while you still can. Don't worry about me, I'm lost now. The eternal abyss has me. There's no way out. Fly! Fly while you still can!

New Releases:

Sucker Punch: In other words - the feeling every audience member felt as soon as the credits roll.

Beastly: Hey, pretty and rich people have feelings too... but only when they're ugly and poor. Nice try Hollywood, you can't sneak that turd past the ol' Uni.

Season of the Witch: Season 2 was so much better than Season 1. *faux snob effort to relate to this movie*

The Warrior's Way: To make scrambled eggs! First, you whip out your sword, perform a downward slice across the egg, jump the kick the yolk into a pan you've you placed on an oven over fifty feet away. Then, using only your chi send an onslaught of careful timed, and organized waves of air at the pan, stirring the eggs in the process (be careful not to spill them). Allow the eggs to cool off befor finally using your grappling hook to grab the pan and whip it in your direction. Make out with Kate Boseworth, high five Geoffrey Rush, and bon appetite.

Barney's Version: Thank god for this or you'd find me in the dumpster, eating trash and begging the gods for a way out.

Other Goodies:

Lord of the Rings - Extended Edition Trilogy (Blu-Ray Box Set): You tease to me far too much, blu-ray, but I shall not bend to your demands!

Dawn of the Dead (Blu-Ray, Director's Cut): Will this be one of those films we watch alongside 300 years from now for a 'two-film directors that could have been' marathon? Could team it up with Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Black Moon (Blu-Ray Criterion): I swear, I could look at the cover art for this all day.

Well, that about does it folks. Enjoy your Tuesday and, as always, happy hunting!

4 better thoughts:

John said...

I've been dying to see Black Moon for years. Of course, stupid Netflix isn't releasing it, so if I want to see it I'll have to find another venue.

With as much as I like Louis Malle, I might just buy it blind.

Castor said...

I'm kind of interested in seeing how bad Sucker Punch is and The Warrior's Way looks semi-intriguing as maybe the "best" DVD of this week.

But let's face it, this is an absolutely terrible week of DVD release

ruth said...

My colleague Vince said he's going to Target right after work to get Sucker Punch BD, seeing that photo just made me think of him. My Zumba teacher looks just like Emily Browning, blond, gorgeous, unbelievably fit AND wears her hair in a pigtail just like her!

Simon said...

I'm really hoping extended Sucker Punch doesn't suck as hard, so I can justify all that time I spent anticipating it (really, when Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood were still attached).

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