Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monday Corner 06/13/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Super 8: Said all I need to say, it's up to you to check out the review.

Have found myself taken in by a very serious drug - The Wire - and I must say it's a very addictive one. Next thing you know you'll be calling me some random attribute or phonetic nickname and I'll be making guest appearances in movies as 'addict #2' - of course, not to be confused with 'addict #1' - he gets all the good lines, like "what was that?" and "hey, don't mess with my kool-aid!" Yes, I just made those up... but imaginary lines for imaginary films = vintage Uni.

For your Consideration:
A Link - don't leave home without one.

You can smell the indecisiveness of Malick in the air as everyone begins to debate what defines a slow film, and how should one approach them. However, as James of Cinema Sights aptly points out in this article: boredom is subjective, not universal, so please be careful with those heavy handed presumptions.

Check out Rich of Wide Screen World as he leads a roundtable discussion featuring Andrew of Encore Entertainment, Clara from Just Chick Flicks, and yours truly. Tackling movie related subjects on everything as broad as 3D and Television to close to the chest as personal viewing preferences!

John Likes Movies announces their very first blog-a-thon on Criterion Collection films! And he's calling for us to send in any reviews you may have lying about, even those that require a bit of a dust off, and you may just have a prize in store for you.

The Film Doctor takes his usual keen insight into the world of cinema and directs it right at the focus lens of J.J. Abrams' Super 8 - agree or disagree, his eyes for filmmaking are almost always without compare.

With the final installment of the Harry Potter series coming fast upon us, The Incredible Suit saw this as the perfect opportunity to look back and see just how much the cast has aged in the last ten years... of course, when Incredible Suit is involved nothing is ever as it seems.

Poll Update:
Not much voting outpour for Abrams, but enough love to make it stick.

Results: Come a long way since Armageddon, JJ.
1. 12 votes: a fine director with a few blemishes (aren't they all? even the greatest have their missteps - not saying that Abrams is, just saying)
2. 8 votes: alright, I guess (fair enough)
3. (tie) 1 vote: overpraised & rubbish (bit harsh, but I respect the opinion of those willing to share it)
4. 0 votes: my light, my soul, my reason for being (someone had voted for this earlier on in the week, but I guess they recanted - it's an anonymous poll people, no peer pressure)

New Poll: Green Lantern's marketing has been all over the place. First it was wholesome, quirky dawn of a superhero, now it's tragic super epic with lots of crying, screaming, explosions, and humongous Sarsgaard head. Has it made you antsy to see the film or left you indifferent?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
Because it's The Matrix, and because it's awesome, and because Super 8 has made me nostalgic for the films that helped found my original blogging journal way back in 2003.

Have a great Monday everybody!

4 better thoughts:

Rachel [f.g.i.] said...

THE WIRE = Best. TV. Series. Ever.

Duke said...

Haven't seen "The Wire" heard it's a great T.V. show.

Castor said...

Funny, I watched my first episode of the Wire last night on TV. Looks like a good one.

FilmDr said...

Thanks for the mention!

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