Monday, April 25, 2011

The Monday Corner 4/25/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

Kes - Been going it a bit easy on movies as of late, hope to pick up these figures in the coming days! On a related note, Kes was as good as people say it is. Very emotional, but beautiful film.

Special Announcement:
For those keeping count, tomorrow LiE will hit number 900 on its total post count. As proud as I am of achieving that number, I am fully aware that without the support of many of you, I would not have reached that value. So, I'm turning over my Obligatory DVD Release Post tomorrow to my fellow bloggers. Want to be involved? Simply email me - - the name of ONE DVD you think every movie blogger should watch in their lifetime, and a one to two sentence explanation as to why. Serious, humor, or insightful is up to you.

Then, be sure to stroll on back over here tomorrow and share in the cheer and discussion as all the selections I've received will be on display (with a link to your site of course)!

ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE IN BY 7:00 PM eastern TONIGHT - sorry for the short notice

For your Consideration:
The creme de la creme of The Monday Corner. Are you linked today?

Ought to be Brainiac shoe-in Darren of the m0vie blog dives into the tricky terrain of Sequel baiting. Just what methodologies and factors play into Hollywood's choices on which films get sequels and which get left lone rangers.

Master of all things British, despite being not British, Andrew of Encore Entertainment presents his best male and female performances in Shakespeare adaptations. And when Andrew talks Shakespeare, you know it's going to be good.

Film Intel examines just how film lovers prepare themselves for the movie going experience. Do they douse themselves in trailers, clips, and insight or go in with blinders on and fingers in ear?

After having seen Confessions and Half Nelson, Robert of His Eyes Were Watching Movies examines the role of the fallen teacher throughout the films and how they relate. Absolute solid piece of cross-film analysis!

Tired of hearing about the LAMMYs yet? No? Good. Well, I just wanted to point out that there are an amazing number of very talented and beautiful For Your Considerations out there and you should be certain to check them all out. Especially if you made one and would like people to bother checking out yours. Share the love!

Poll Update:
I swear, every week I forget one thing of this post and last week it was the actual poll. *failure*

Results: Media 'Pun' Headlines Are...
1. 9 votes: Worth it for the rare gem (yeah, until some old lady drops it in the water)
2. 3 votes: Completely ignorable (good on you - I can't do it)
3. (tie) 2 votes: The very reason I get up in the morning (well, if you are a pun writer I suppose) and Good fun that doesn't harm anyone (it harms my decency!)
5. 0 votes: The reason I wake up every morning and ask "why do I even bother?" (apparently, on this one I stand alone)

New Poll: Well, I for one can safely say I'm completely burnt out on superhero movies. Seriously, man finds he has superpowers, man does good things, man loses superpowers, realizes he doesn't need them, world sucks, realizes he does, and regains them prior to defeating an enemy of his own creation/derivation. So, who else shares me discontent?

Soundtrack of the Week:
While many may begrudge it out of dislike or contempt for the praise of Eastwood - disregarding those who don't actually like it - I absolutely love Eastwood's Unforgiven. I swear, I think it's one of the best westerns ever made, and every time I watch it, I find that opinion unswayed. So, I give you this week, the somber main score for Unforgiven which sets my heart aflame.

That's all for now. Be sure you get those DVD choices in ASAP! Have a great Monday.

2 better thoughts:

Alex said...

I love superheroes in general and tend to see almost every superhero-related film that comes out, but I do feel the market is really overflowing by now. One would think, with this inundation of superhero movies, there'd be room for like ONE with a lady in it, somewhere. But nope. I mean, CATWOMAN is hilarious and everything but really not sufficient. You'd think the tight spandex on a fit woman leading a film would be enough of a sell.

Also maybe one day there'll be an American superhero film with a non-white person who isn't just the best friend or villain. I don't think we've seen that since the BLADE movies.

Castor said...

Great soundtrack! I will send you something a bit later for your 900th post :) Congrats sir.

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