Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art of the Modern Musical Credit Sequence

The right musical accompaniment at just the right moment can elevate even the most powerful endings over the top and right into the forefront of the mental queue every time. And sometimes having a great piece of music spliced in at just the right moment can take even the most mediocre of cinematic flairs into the back of the human brain, giving them ample opportunity for memory. Though it would all be for not, in my opinion, if they didn't have the right graphical makeup to bring it all together. However, in this day of copycat cinema, I'm more than willing to accept something that's just beautiful, or over the top fun. So, for your listening enjoyment, amusement, or in some cases frustration, I give you some of my favorite credit sequences from the last few years:

Note: Some spoilers lay ahead - enter at your own risk

There are quite a few others I would include but simply couldn't find good videos for them. They include Extreme Ways for Bourne Ultimatum, Into the West for Return of the King, and Jai Ho for Slumdog Millionaire, among others.

So, what are some of your favorite music + credit title combos of the last few years?

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The Mad Hatter said...

Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD had some pretty ones.

Others that spring to mind are:

FERRIS BEULLER (just in the way the scene keeps. on. going.)

And you already mentioned it, but BLUE VALENTINE would be my winner given that such a glorious sequence follows such a dreary story.

Lime(tte) said...

Jai Ho!
And Bright Star, where he reads the poem during the credits. Beautiful!

Castor said...

My Heart Will Go On and Titanic.

Yes, I said it.

Simon said...

Save the Green Planet! has a really cool, sad-ish one, but only really sad after you've watched the whole movie, or maybe they're sad anyway, I don't know.

Univarn said...

@Mad The transition for Blue Valentine is just perfect - I would argue easily the best ending of last year.

@Lime Yeah, I really wanted to get Jai Ho on here but all the videos were either blocked for embed or non-existent.

@Castor Yeah, after radio play 102,293,391,998,574 I was a weeeeee bit tired of that song, as you may be able to imagine.

@Simon Sad on sad - tough double whammy.

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