Friday, March 18, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 3/18/2011

A dude triple royal. However, only one of them can win. Assuming of course anyone cares enough about any of them to bother.

Wide Releases: 

Limitless: No red pill/blue pill? No sunglasses? No rabbit hole? This is some BS. Since The Matrix it is an established rule of cinema science that you're not allowed to have pills without intermittently splicing in some pseudo-philosophical hubjub! If Bradley Cooper doesn't get into a fight with robots at some point, this movie will be a total failure. Universal truth. You can't deny it. By the way, Robert DeNiro playing second fiddle to Cooper? Have I fallen into some sort of portal? First half dollar man, now this... man RDN, you've changed.

The Lincoln Lawyer: 82%. I am not lying to you. That is this movie's RT score (as of 9:40 eastern 3/17). Wow. If you had asked me three months ago, I would have written a book on why this movie will suck on a level beyond compare. How could I have doubted the double dude power of McCauckangakjdwiawyi (close enough) and Phillippe? It's like the poor man's Gere-Norton. Wait, if that's true, does that mean Marisa Tomei is just another Laura Linney? If that holds then William H. Macy is totally Andre Braugher. OK, I'm sorry. This is getting way too complicated. Besides, I'm not even going to begin to guess who is the priest.

Paul: You know, a few years ago I met an alien in the desert. Was a very eye opening experience. He told me all the secrets of the universe, how to make the perfect cake, and where to move in case of an invasion by killer spider-monkeys. Very exciting stuff. However, as you are aware, this sort of information doesn't come cheap. Therefore if I tell you, I am forced to turn you into a pig-kangaroo from Neptune. Sorry. Oh yeah, by the way - Pegg + Frost = yay!

Limited Releases:

Win Win: Paul Giamatti - you complete me. Or you would, if I needed completion.

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman: 2011 - the year of awesome limited release titles.

The Music Never Stopped: You had me at J.K. Simmons

Winter in Wartime: Hey, MOM! Timmy got his winter in my wartime!!!! *cries* Lame. Still, this looks interesting.

Other Releases: Cracks, and Bill Cunningham New York

Sorry about the delay. As of late, Blogger seems to randomly kick some of my blog posts to draft at the pre-scheduled post time. Annoying, but nothing I can do about it.

6 better thoughts:

Castor said...

What is it with Matthew McConaughey and lawyers? I'm not all that interested in seeing this in theater but definitely would on DVD. Too many movies to catch up with to see any of those but they all seem like decent rentals.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I noticed the 'draft' issue on some of my scheduled posts as well.

Simon said...

Remember when people called McConauface the new Paul Newman? The days...

Custard said...

I saw Limitless last week at a preview. I concur it should just be a rental. Its fun, but not worth the small mortgage you have to pay to get in to the picture house.

I hve lost any interest in McCogniwaotsit. He just seems to take his top whenever he can. Very boring!

Paul, thats one I really wanted to see, but I am concerned that pegg and frost have lost a bit of their charm.

hmmm Just my opinion


Jack Ibbetson said...

Really has been a slow week in cinema if we are talking about Limitless and Matthew McConnaghcantbebotheredtotypehisname

Fletch said...

Ha - loved the Primal Fear connections! The secret to The Lincoln Lawyer is that Phillippe is actually Norton's character from American History X. Shocking, I know...

Saw Limitless a few days ago and still haven't made up my mind. I think it's a case of style vs. substance, and the style just might be winning the battle in my head. You could do a lot worse.

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