Friday, March 11, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post: 3/11/2011

In case you spent yesterday vehemently debating the possible locations I could have disappeared to given the lack of a blog post yesterday, allow me to make some clarifications:

1. No, I was not invading a foreign country with a Swiss Army Knife in one hand and a Salomi in the other.
2. No, I did not find a secret portal to a foreign world, and am now living like a God (Sean Connery style) amidst desert people.
3. No, I was not attending an international convention of Univarns, debating the process by which we would ensure our immortality.

Truth be told, I'm in the Mountains on vacation, have limited internet access, and even less phone access. So, you can imagine the number of posts I shall be presenting over the next few days will be limited at best.

HOWEVER, I would like to bring to your attention a post I just became aware of, only a few moments ago., headed by writer extraordinaire Sasha Stone, took my blog post Film Criticism vs. Social Criticism to the next level and visualized its relation with the Academy and Critics. Be sure you give that a read!

Now, let's get to this.

Wide Releases: 

Battle: Los Angeles: Oh Paul Greengass, this is the eventuality of all your shakiness - movies which take shaking their groove thing to a level that nauseates the blind. Oh, Battle: LA, I want so desperately for you to be an amazing experience - in the realm of Cloverfield. But a whimpering 34% on RottenTomatoes and early reviews clambering the woes to be behold, have lead me astray. Leaving me with only one simple call "are we there yet?"

Mars Needs Moms: You know, I honestly have almost nothing to say about this one. There's a 'jive' talking alien whose hip with earth lingo. As aliens invariably are. Too much time reading our twitter feeds and invading our personal lives through bugging our phones. And you thought it was the government. Ha, silly you.

Red Riding Hood: A girl dressed in red cast against the backdrop of pearly white. Oh Catherine Hardwicke, you've stepped up your game from "I want to hear you say it" to downright "she's going to get nailed" imagery. Add to that the existence of werewolves, who are well known for their smelling powers, and I foresee plenty of opportunity for you to try and recreate that Twilight magic. Best of luck, if this bombs... you're going to need it.

Limited Releases: 

Elektra Luxx: Carla Gugino... still one of the all time cinema moms. Thank you Spy Kids for the memories.

Jane Eyre: The trailers did little to inspire me in this regard, but seeing some of the early feedback, this may just be one of the 'must sees' early this year. I do love where Mia Wasikowska is going with her career, and hope to see it continue on the rise.

Black Death: Sean Bean, between this and Game of Thrones, you're really stepping up the Medieval swordplay films with some fantastical underlying. I'm amped up for GoT, but this one leaves me wanting.

Kill the Irishman: Irishman, Irishman, doing whatever an Irish can! Irishman, Irishman, going around killing a lot of random Americans. Hey, did you know this has Christopher Walken and Val Kilmer in it? Win.

Other Releases: Certified Copy, Monogamy, 3 Backyards, The Desert of Forbidden Art, Redland, I Will Follow, Harvest, Foreign Parts, Around June

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your weekend!

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

While I will be seeing B:LA eventually, this week I'm doubling back to catch THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. Hope your vay-cay is providing some much needed R&R!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll still catch Battle:Los Angeles, but will leave my brain at the door. Hope to catch Black Death at some point.
And glad you were not trapped in Zardoz - that would suck!

Castor said...

I will try to see Rango this weekend. Doubt I will catch up on anything else although I have some mild desire to see Battle LA and The Adjustment Bureau.

Jack L said...

Those wide releases are terrible, I won't be seeing a single one of them...
Jane Eyre looks intriguing, I'm not sure about Black Death and Kill The Irishman, they migt be worth watchign.

Univarn said...

@Mad Look forward to reading your review - I saw your score for Adjustment Bureau and hope to be able to check it out soon.

@AlexJ From a lot of the early reviews I've read, leaving your brain at the door should be combined with motion sickness pills.

@Castor Good luck with Rango.

@JackL I dunno, I've been growing ever more apathetic towards recent releases. I need a good pick me up and get me going again.

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