Monday, March 21, 2011

The Monday Corner 3/21/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps... and that's it. A bit of a failure as a movie fan, but too be honest, had a lot going on that I needed to mellow out of me. Starting to show movie withdrawal signs, certain to pick them back up again soon.

For your Consideration:
You can change the world, if only you can learn to conquer your link.

Anomalous Material revisits the Desert Island with his Desert Island Movie CD Soundtrack Blog-a-thon featuring some of the best bloggers across the net... and me. You know, it's not my fault wearing a kimono and doing the robot got me kicked out of the 'best bloggers' club.

In honor of the current tragedies across Japan, Cinema Fanatic is hosting an all Japanese Cinema Blogathon with tons of contributions from across the net - be sure you check it out today!

The ever delightful Bob Turnbull of Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind has unveiled his latest movie montage video entitled: "Random Dancing."

A bit late by Bike Week standards, but never the less still there for the know-how, Kai of The List brings you his Top 5 Coolest Movie Motorbikes. For the record, how does this list not include a moped? Seriously, most awesome thing ever.

Take one awesome blogger, multiply that by two, and whip them together into a delightful back and forth analysis on a film that has divided movie goers, and what do you get? A mental engagement so powerful British Royalty gets jealous (take that Kate Middleton!) . Check out the Mad Hatter and Simon Columb on The Adjustment Bureau.

Poll Update:
Bradley Cooper is sexy...? I had no idea. Apparently I'm not a very good judge of how the opposite gender views my gender. Then again, that does explain a lot. I always wondered why my hairy chubby guy routine never works out. Lame.

1. 11 votes: Fine occasionally but not always (for my money, he's a much better supporting star)
2. 6 votes: Annoying beyond compare (lounge lizard looks attract that kind of resentment)
3. 4 votes: A solid actor all around (I think this still has to be proven)
4. 3 votes: Completely ignorable (see: Wedding Crashers - yawned through half his scenes)
5. 1 vote: The next big thing (you know, like the globe or those people that need cranes to move)

New Poll: It's Sucker Punch time.. I simply want to know: With all the rumors about it being either 'amazing' or 'bad to the point of being amazing' - are you going to watch it?

Movie Trivia of the Week:
From Gladiator - prior to going with Sven-Ole Thorsen as the Tigris of Gaul (you know the, retired gladiator during the awesome tiger fight scene), Lou Ferrigno was originally cast in the role. I hate to say it, but I honestly think if that original scene had come to pass, my mind would have exploded.

Have a good Monday everyone.

9 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sucker Punch is THE March movie!

Custard said...

My Vote is in for Sucker punch. I will be ther at the front of the queue, hoping that I will not be let down.


The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for the linkage kind sir, and not only will I be watching SUCKER PUNCH but it's the topic-du-jour for Matineecast #31

Castor said...

Thanks for the link to the Desert Island hub! Happy with the turnout :)

Univarn said...

@AlexJ Judging by the early feedback, we may be in trouble if that's the case.

@Custard Seems to me a common sentiment, but I'm not confident.

@Mad If it does turn out to be a bomb, any chance we can get some more Step Up 3D love? :P

@Castor It did turn out rather well - I was pretty happy with the list I put together in a hurry Saturday morning.

Rich said...

I can't get excited about 'Sucker Punch' because I'm tired of all of Zack Snyder's movies looking like video games. Not looking forward to his Superman either.

Simon said...

You got kicked out of the best bloggers' club because of the linguini incident, and you know it.

simoncolumb said...

I am completely NOT going to see SUCKER PUNCH. It is clearly made purely for teenage boys fantasies...

Additionally, this desert island cd thing has gone mental!

Univarn said...

@Rich But but but OMG!!!!!!!!!

@Simon Shhhh, you never mention the linguine incident!

@SimonColumb Half of Hollywood is populated by people who never left the confines of teenage boy fantasies.

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