Monday, March 14, 2011

The Monday Corner 3/14/2011

First Time Movies Watched This Past Week:

You Can't Take It With You (good, cheesy and honest fun)
The Ruling Class (Equal parts hilarious and disturbingly honest)
Chinatown (more on this one later)

For your Consideration:

Time for the heat to come along, for me to switch out of these pants, and whip on my linkers.

Like a moth to light, you mention Miyazaki and I begin my gravitational ogling. And the wonderful folks of Go See Talk have given me plenty to ogle with their latest tournament - Miyazaki Madness - giving NCAA Basketball a run for its money with all the Ghibli favorites going head to head.

There's more to color than meets the eyes, and Film Intel is up for an investigation as they dissect the use of color in film through the use of movie barcodes.

Flixchatter is feeling a mixture of prophetic and wishful as they present Ten Books they'd like to see get a big screen adaptation.

The Boston Science-Fiction Marathon went down for 24 hard hitting hours and Film Forager was there for the experience. Be sure you check out all three parts!

Is Google conspiring to slowly cripple the Italian Film industry from within its own search engine? Probably not, but I Love Italian Movies has found a flaw in the almighty that hits a bit close to home.

Poll Update:
Well, it made money so some of you must have trusted it.

1. 7 votes: I have no interest in Battle: LA (according to some early reports, you made a good choice)
2. 5 votes: If it works great. If not, don't care (an honest and valuable mindset)
3. (tie) 4 votes: I'm indifferent and I'm anticipating it in spite (hope your hopes or indifference worked accordingly)
4. 0 votes: Anything involving the words "have" and "faith" apparently (no real surprise)

New Poll: I hear a lot of polarizing thoughts on Bradley Cooper and I'm quite curious as to where you guys stand on the relative up and comer.

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
Expect a great deal of Chinatown on LiE this week... well at least one more post about it.

Enjoy your Monday!

4 better thoughts:

filmgeek said...

Bradley Cooper is... hot!

Jack L said...

I watched The Ruling Class recently as well, I was rather good but badly handled, in my opinion... Peter O'Toole was excellent though!

Chinatown is just excellent though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Univarn, thank you for the shout-out, always an honor to be included in your Monday corner!

Glad I skipped Battle: L.A., still might rent it though.

As for Bradley Cooper... my sentiment generally is meh. He seems poised to be the next Matthew McCougnahey.

Univarn said...

@filmgeek I've noticed quite a few people saying that. I don't see it, but then again I seldom do.

@JackL Interesting, I thought it was rather well handled given its subject matter. Very specific satire with a bit of Mel Brooks (before he was Mel Brooks) style thrown in.

@flixchatter Even though I this may sound a bit eh, I don't think he's that good. Matthew McCougnahey is by no means a great actor, but I think he's better (Frailty) then people like to give him credit for (A Time to Kill, Amistad).

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