Monday, February 7, 2011

The Monday Corner 2/7/2011

Top five things I learned from 2011 Super Bowl:

1. According to the Transformers marketing crew, a car alarm kind of almost sounds like the Inception BWAHM and must be used as such.
2. Black Eyed Peas would have been betting off lip-synching.
3. Super 8 still sits firmly among my list of most anticipated.
4. Bieber and Ozzy Osburne in the same commercial... did they really need to pander to the apocalypse conspiracy theorists?
5. Once again my dream that the Referees would pull a coup and win the Super Bowl on sheer stripe power alone has left me wanting.

For your Consideration:
Get your link started... or whatever.

Kai from The List ponders whether or not Toy Story 3 should be allowed to to hold a Best Picture nomination AND a Best Animated feature nomination.

The Mad Hatter of Dark of the Matinee challenges Kai's theory with his own thoughts on the issue. My thoughts: It only matters so long as nobody touches the nachos.

Rachel's Reel Reviews takes the Thursday Three back in time to re-evaluate some films who originally received high marks, but now face a bit of downgrading.

The ever delightful blow Cinema Romantico looks at the top 5 Football players to turn actors. We all knew OJ Simpson had it in him... acting I mean! ACTING!!!!

Luke from Anomalous Material dishes out the top 10 unheralded supporting turns in 2010. My #1: 50 cent in one of those fifty straight to DVD films he did. You know it's not easy being that awful and in that many films rejected by Syfy in the same year. 

Poll Update:
Oh Superman, your foreign accent only makes me want to give you a good ol' cuddle!

1. 15 votes: Not really, but I am hungry (hopefully not post-Super Bowl weekend)
2. (tie) 4 votes: Depends on if it'll get me laid (preach it!) & You know, I think I just might (for the indecisive nationalist racist)
3. 2 votes: Yes, I give a massive damn (unfortunately it was stolen by a beaver and shipped to India due to my consolidation plan)

New Poll: This week we are privy to a real treat. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the same film. I want to know, on a scale of apocalyptic, where does this rate?

Shameless Plug:

Over the weekend I recorded a couple of podcasts with good blogging buddies. Be sure to check out the one I did with Kaiderman and Heather Roddy for the MILFCAST, now available online!

Movie Score of the Week:
You know, I didn't plan this, but it kind of works along with the poll. For this week's score I give you the fantastic soundtrack to The Fountain. Clint Mansell's Death is the Road to Awe:

Enjoy your Monday ladies and gents! Also, keep an eye out for a special Univarn appearance over at the Large Association of Movie Bloggers!

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Ain't nothin better than linkage on a Monday morning to get my week off to a good start. thank-you sir!

Aiden R. said...

Way to plug The Fountain's soundtrack. One of the few I own and it is totally worth owning. Clint Mansell is gonna get his due one of these days.

Castor said...

The Fountain soundtrack is stunning. Thanks for the AM love :)

Simon said...

Clint Marshall makes me epic-happy.

Fletch said...

"3. Super 8 still sits firmly among my list of most anticipated."

Me too. Only way it could be higher is if it were actually Spielberg directing.

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