Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 1/18/2010

DVD's are sexiest when stacked up next to one another, stacked up beside my mountain of Zebras. Don't ask.

Wide Release:

Buried: Now let me get this straight. You made a movie centering around one very simple concept: a man trapped in a box for near two hours.... and you didn't name him JACK!? Talk about your missed opportunities. Almost makes me not want to talk about the film at all. Bummer.

Animal Kingdom: No caustic silliness here, I'll just say this - go see it, now.

Takers: When the world's biggest sycophants come together to perform one final crime, what could possibly go wrong!? I hear the DVD extras come with over five-hundred photographs of the actors staring at themselves in the mirror. Take that James Franco! (too obscure of a reference?)

Paper Man: Two Ryan Reynolds' films in one day? Man, what ever did we do to deserve such luck! If I didn't know any better I would assume this was Christmas all over again. Go Go Super ABS! Yes, that's right, I'm jealous. I just want Jeff Daniels to dream about me :(

Stone: I want to marry Edward Norton's dreadlocks. Would that be legal?

Jack Goes Boating: "It's a YACHT!" - courtesy Vince Vaughn. You should be ashamed Hoffman. OK, I know these are two different things, but I just wanted to use that quote.

Other Releases: Eichmann (Something about Nazis), The Virginity Hit (across the head?)

Other Goodies:

Roger Corman's Cult Classics Triple Feature: Roger Corman... need I say more?

Sean Connery 007 Collection Volume 1: I'm sorry, yes, that loud squealing sound you heard was me. I didn't mean for it to be so loud.

Well, ladies and gents that's all I've got for you this evening. Have a good one.

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

ANIMAL KINGDOM sorta got past me in the theatres this year. Lookin' forward to rectifying that soon.

Castor said...

Guess it's time to finally see Buried. I completely missed it when it came out. Also will check out Animal Kingdom.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Everyone keeps talking about Takers. Just I'll have to check it out at some point.

Univarn said...

@Mad Definitely check it out, intend on having my review up tomorrow.

@Castor Have fun with Buried...

@AlexJ Everyone I know always says the same thing when talking about it - 'skip it.' May just mean you'll love it, who knows.

Simon said...

You know, I'd really hate these movies if they weren't filled with such pretty people. Damn you, Hollywood.

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