Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 1/11/2011

I just learned this yesterday, but apparently there's a Visual Effects Society (VES)... Why did I learn this? Well, because all the awards people I follow were quick to mention that, of the 'major' society awards, it is the only one to not give a nod to Social Network. How this is news is beyond me. Social Network isn't a visual effects based film... I mean, really what could they possibly -


My god, what have they done? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

New Releases:

The Social Network: The trying tale of one privileged, obscenely rich teenager's journey through the trying world of Harvard, and onto making billions of dollars before being sued for a few million. What? Did I marginalize the film too much? Perhaps... I should note that I loved the film, specifically Fincher's direction and Sorkin's writing. The trouble is that no matter how hard I try to ignore it, the movie is a bit mopish. Of course it's now reached the devastating 'un-winnable' phase of list-making. If you include it, your list is 'derivative and uninspired.' If you don't include it, your list is 'pretentious and out-of-touch.' You can't win.

Alpha and Omega: This is a brilliant release date for this film. It's the equivalent of trying to release a fart while the President is giving a speech against violence. You time it just right, wait for the rousing yell from the crowd, then in you go with the half-cheek lift, release, and sigh of relief. In fairness, I use that analogy for just about anything relating to talking furry animals not saying 'squirrel.' We all knew this movie was doomed the moment it came out with the tagline 'pawsome' - you don't need to help our society's illiteracy!

Piranha (3D & a3D): This is normally where I insert a comment that I believe to be witty, satirical, and worthy of your reading. However, nothing really comes to mind when dealing with topless women, piranhas, and Ving Rhames. I mean, what can you say? "Hahaha they got boobies and the fishy goes chomp chomp!" - that's just not my style. I much prefer more intellectual statements like... like... like... oh what the hell "CHOMP CHOMP! YAY!"

- I'm allowed at least one guilty pleasure a year. Aren't I?

Other Releases: The Freebie (Hollywood loves sex games), Heartbreaker (Everything's better when you kind of look like Patrick Dempsey), Love Hurts (more so with a baseball bat), The Narnia Code (Don't tell me Aslan went Hanks hair! *cries*)

Other Goodies:

Dances With Wolves (Box Set): Costner at his best... kind of makes me sad he's had all the career luck of Mel Gibson without any of the arrests or drunken rants (shame really, would make him infinitely more interesting).

Raging Bull (30th Anniversary Blu-Ray): What can you possibly say about Raging Bull that hasn't been said a million times over? Well, how about this: Is it just me or does Jake La Motta seem a bit like a rabid chimpanzee overdosing on speed and Brando movies while dancing to the sound of a dying drummer boy? There, now I win. LEVEL 2.

Army of Shadows (Criterion): I really need to amp up my Criterion viewing. There are so many films in their collection I haven't even heard of, let alone seen. This is another one. How people manage to have seen all their films and still possess a pulse is beyond me.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars (Criterion, Blu-Ray): RC on M, enough said.

Once Upon a Time in America (Blu-Ray): Sergio Leone + Univarn = happy time.

Collections - Alfred Hitchcock Box Set, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, The Three Stooges

What tickles your DVD fancy this week?

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Aiden R. said...

Saw Army of Shadows in theaters a couple years ago, it was effing phenomenal and I would love to have that Criterion in my collection. Fancy has been tickled.

Nikhat said...

I need a physical Social Network in my life. How mopish though? I think I have a minor heart-attack if I don't see it in a top 10 list. I'm a bit obsessed.

SugaryCynic said...

Clint Eastwood Collection = :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll just have to be happy with out-of-touch for now, as I've not seen The Social Network. Nowever, it is in my NetFlix queue.

Univarn said...

@Aiden From what I've read online it's a bit of a slow, intense, film (which seems to define a lot of 'classics).

@Nikhat A lot of sulking rich kids = moping in my book :). Being obsessed is fine, just be sure to remember we're all a bit different in film opinion.

@Sugary I think this one makes the fiftieth Clint Eastwood collection released in the last year o.O

@AlexJ Be sure you check it out, it's worth it.

The Mad Hatter said...

RAGING BULL on blu-ray would easily be my pick for the week...though I'll be stopping and picking myself up a cop of THE SOCIAL NETWORK on the way home.

PS - SOCIAL NETWORK did not in fact make my top ten (I woulda had it down around number twelve if we're counting). Am I out of touch?

Castor said...

@ Mad: That's my man!

Looking forward to re-seeing The Social Network and I still need to see Piranha 3D which looks like a riot.

Simon said...

I hate the creepy-ass Blu-Ray cover for The Social Network. Yes, hello there, Jesse Eisenberg, please carry on with not staring at me from across the room, you little toad.


Anonymous said...

I put Social Network in the honorable mentions, so what does that make me?

Man, maybe it's time I should watch Dances with Wolves. I mean, I already love the score, I might possibly love the movie, too.

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