Monday, January 3, 2011

The Monday Corner 1/3/2011

O.P: "I LOVED Inception!"
Me: "The book was better...."
O.P: "Wait, what book?"
Me: "Oh, you don't know?"
O.P: "No...."
Me: "Shame... you can't really understand the movie without the book. I guess you just don't 'get it.'"

- Yes, ladies and gentlemen from now on I have decided to portray superiority in intellect through shamelessly referencing non-existent books! You wish you were that good.

For your Consideration:
Taking the new year as an opportunity to boast about some blogs I quite enjoy but don't really get the opportunity to mention here!

Wide Screen World takes their unique platform for discussing the experience of cinema to another level with their analysis/discussion on Blue Valentine.

I won't link to everyone's year end blog posts, but I will recommend you check out the insight and collection of lists over at Eternity of Dream (any blog post with a Ned Beatty mention is instantly deemed noteworthy)

The Film Fellas present you with FIVE film recommendations for movies you might have missed!

If you're looking for an incredibly fun and intelligent game to test your movie knowledge, check out Hoping For Something to Hope For's 8-bit movies challenge!

If you're not following Where Danger Lives' countdown of the top 100 movie posters of film noir, you're not only missing out on an intellectually stimulating series - you're missing out on a retrospective on one of the defining segments of cinematic progression!

With a new name and a new look Defiant Success (formerly Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile) is calling upon you to take part in a recommendation blog-a-thon. If you read my 11 in 2011, you should be certain to check this one out for added involvement.

Poll Update:
For those that voted PLEASE take the time to comment with opinions/recommendations

1. 10 votes: Design (seeing as I just made a major overhaul I find this very distressing)
2. 2 votes: Nothing (goody, I've managed to impress two of you)
3. (tie) 1 vote: Just about everything else (honestly, I thought my writing would have been #1)

New Poll: January is upon us, and I want to know how you like to spend it (cinematic wise)!

Soundtrack of the Week:
Yesterday I gave out one of my highest scores for a first-time view film with The Secret in Their Eyes. Check out the score below!

13 better thoughts:

TJMAC510 said...

Someone tried pulling that on me once. Same movie too. But I just countered with the "Oh yeah the book version! It's the final in a series of books. They're out of print now so good luck finding them but they are quite fantastic."

Good news for you is we're getting to the point where almost everything is based on some sort of short story or book and those that aren't get cash in book adaptations (read: Morning Glory) so you're pretty much good.

MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for the linkage. :)

Andrew Robinson said...

What ever happened to the post competition thing?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, since no one has commented on the poll results, I'll be brave! Maybe a background image to add some color? Of course, you probably look at mine and think 'Overload!"

Univarn said...

@TJ Damn, someone wittier than me might catch on. Plan 2: Reference soon to be merchandising!

@MovieNut No problemo

@Andrew It'll be back next week - with Christmas and New Year's both on Saturday it got the bump.

Alex said...

Oh yeah I forgot to mention last week, I voted for writing only because I often notice typos/minor grammatical errors in your posts. Nothing against your writing style or anything. But I guess nobody else is as grammar-obsessed haha. I think your design is fine, though I miss seeing a pictorial header.

Rich said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

Simon said...

Of course. There's always a book, and it's always better.

Univarn said...

@AlexJ Thanks for speaking up. I'd rather someone tell me what they don't like then leave me guessing - I'm not a mind reader.

@Alex Yeah, I make them all the time. One of the dreadful habits of being a fast typist but a horrid speller, and a worse checker. The main reason, in my opinion, I make typos is because I'm not always looking at what I write. It's a bad force of habit, but I tend to do two things at once which leads to lots of me overlooking things.

@Rich No problemo.

@Simon Of course. If there wasn't, then what would us snobbish elitists do with our free time?

Filmics said...

Very nice post, Thanks for the post!

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

Wow, I almost had the heart attack, thanks for the mention :)

As for the poll. At first I voted for "nothing to change" but after I re-voted for "design". It may be personal and perhaps I'm just getting accustomed to the new one but this background color seems dull. I liked your previous one, although I don't actually remember the color scheme you used.

Fletch said...

I need to recall that book trick. That had to be fun.

"1. 10 votes: Design (seeing as I just made a major overhaul I find this very distressing)"

Hmmm...perhaps someone should sign up to be an upcoming LAMB of the Week on ye olde LAMBcast. Can ya take it? ;)

I had some issues with the last design, the header image being the main one, but, while this one is clean and inoffensive, I agree that it's a bit dull. Add a header image and/or logo, play with the colors and whatnot and I think we'll all fall in line.

But really, if we voted for your writing, we'd look pretty dumb for continuing to come back, no?

Mark said...

Thanks for the plug, Ryan! Many of your readers have stopped by - I appreciate it.

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